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  1. Bruckner's Ninth Symphony with Herbert von Karajan and the Berlin Phil - the End of Days
  2. Handbaggers play a dreadful style of football with their crab-like movements. Surely the gods of September will not reward such malfeasance!
  3. Am I wrong to suggest that Dr. D. G. Duffy was Norm Smith's main adversary on the Board?
  4. That goal from the boundary was one of the greatest goals I have seen in my life, comparable to Jako running around Chris Langdon at Waverley in 1992.
  5. ANB is a good AFL-grade player. Any pick for him we receive in return will be speculative. I don't understand why he cops such bad press. Let's honour the contract in place!
  6. Yze Magic died a couple of years ago, short of the Promised Land . . . . .
  7. Was he really Yze Magic? I worked a lot with YM on Bay 13 (where I am Biffinator) and he was always cagey about his identity.
  8. 1992 against Hawthorn. Jako took a mark 50 metres out on a bad angle. Ran around the Hawk player on the mark - on the boundary line, mind you - and then slotted it through. To this day, I have never seen anything like it.
  9. What if there were someone among us who was born on that very day back in July 1965 . . . . . .
  10. And unlike the Weapon, why hasn't Dank sued Essendon if he has nothing to hide?
  11. Hird "There was nothing in it for Danks to dope the players!!!! Why would he do it?" James, it's called stupidity. There was a [censored] up. Dank made a colossal mistake. I cannot believe that the diet-ABC reporter failed to make reference to the smoking gun - and it's direct from the horse's mouth itself: http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/the-science-of-stephen-dank-20130823-2shhd.html
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