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  1. I’ll say what I said earlier this week, Pickett isn’t ready
  2. Get off Fritsch.. burnt two players, missed the kick forward...turnover goal
  3. That’s a good quarter of football. If we can start winning the ruck and clean up some of our disposal we are capable
  4. Shakey down back. May has all sorts of problems with lynch and smith doing Smith things
  5. Revolting Max. It should have been a fifty as the ball wasn’t returned on the full
  6. Viney is pathetic loser. Stopped all the momentum on the run and then gave it straight to opposition. Fml
  7. Why are the umpires wearing yellow and black? Another AFL [censored] up
  8. Were told yesterday at 4pm tht they were leaving on a flight to SYD straight after the game. Their heads surely won’t be in this game.
  9. Leaving tonight? So the players have been preparing to leave All weekend, I expect they will be completely unfocused on today’s game then. We really have been dudded during this period
  10. Yep, might be time to change the thread title. We are basing ourselves in Manly.
  11. See ya Collingwood. Umps couldn’t get them home. Even when a bloke threw it in the goal square the blind umpire missed it. Hate both sides, but the Filth just a little more
  12. Any idea where we are basing ourselves? Is it at the facilities GWS used before they moved ?
  13. I guess proof will be in the pudding this weekend. I expect us to kick a total of 5 goals. The match committee have lost the plot.
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