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  1. I understand and appreciate the "Trengove factor" however there a few blokes on our list that hold no currency and should be shown the door pronto. However it its a case of the players at least getting a couple of weeks stress Free R&R then good on the club for allowing them that luxury,
  2. Id have a crack at Billy Hartung from the Hawks - quick & skilful and might be looking for greener pastures - If he cant get a look in after Smith on one leg gets picked before him a final ?
  3. Judging bye Roos talk on 360 I would think that announcement wont be divulged until next week on who got the chop. I agree with Nashers appraisal ( Cross, Jamar, McKenzie, Fitzpatrick, Riley, Bail, Terlich) but would be putting a line through Hunt as well as Matt Jones
  4. He is going to West Cost - locked and loaded
  5. Geeze I hope that the day after the F&B night the club comes out with a statement and the axe is put through at least 10 or 11 from the list.
  6. We just have to keep turning the list over , we need to discard the players that have been broken mentally through years of beatings and also the players that are not up to it. I would like Goodwin to be tapping Roos on the shoulder and saying " lets discard players X Y & Z now and give me a fresh start at it in 2017. With a very shallow draft it may mean that we are super aggressive at the trade table and think a little outside the square but for mine: Gone: Bail M.Jones Fitz Garland Howe Hunt Jamar Mckenzie Terlich Toumpas - Re Rookie Who I would be going for is anyone who is on the borderline of the top 8 teams: Bastinac Muzunga Alex Woodward Harley Bennell Horlin Smith Thomas Bugg David Mckay et etc
  7. Couldn't really give a [censored] anymore. If they are not willing to drop players on the back end of some terrible weeks (Dawes) then my care factor is out the window - oh well draft time is only 7 months away
  8. Rich & Selwood are not in my thinking. We need outside polish and line breaking run. Rich is not quick and Selwood is past it. I look at North and they have a host of the same speed / style midfielders and struggle without the dash and carry of Wells ( no evident than this year). Don't like Aish either has done very little - if cant get a gig in the starting 22 for Brisbane that's saying something.
  9. 7 more games like his current form and Big Max will be seen as an A grader and a premier ruckman in the league
  10. A glove on a wooden stick placed just outside the forward 50 Arc will give us the same as Dawes
  11. Id like to see JKH, HL, Grimes , Harmes and Vanders as the Inclusions. As for the outs Spencer, Bail and M.Jones are the 3 automatics ,with unknowns on the 2
  12. If we are going for pace and a miss match, wouldn't we be selecting JKH ?
  13. What are our thoughts on either Mazunga from Freo and or Bastionac from North - both midfielders that cant break into there respective sides.
  14. 100+ point belting on the cards ............ OR ........ one of the great wins in our clubs history.
  15. Old Billy "Digsy" Gillmore - CHF for High Whickman 5ths has better stats than Trampoline hands Dawes.
  16. Gawn is the best of a very average bunch. Time to trade in a quality Big man, keep Gawn and elevate King.
  17. Didn't see anything to suggest that ANB will play this week ? I have been very impressed with the crop of 2014 debuts and have high hopes for this kid. This season may be lost in regards to finals but witnessing the 1st year impact and talent that Vanders, Stretch, Brayshaw are putting out gives me high hopes for a better 2016.
  18. Well Newton & Jones omitted ANB, Stretch named on bench which I love
  19. Well that means Outs: Garland , Vanders ?? Newton was uncited last like, M. Jones I thought was Ok last week. Ins: Tyson and Grimes would be my picks
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