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X-Factor, from this Draft ?

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Yes agree with Curtis Taylor as an X factor. Sam Sturt is the other top 20 X style player. 

A different type of X factor is Bailey Williams who could be available at 23 or 28. Can take the game on and as a big forward, can kick 2-3 quick goals if given the chance. 

For small forwards, Toby Bedford (Demons NGA) and Zac Foot are definitely X factor types. Irving Mosquito has the name and skills to be a very exciting AFL player though hawks have claim on him.  (“Mozzzzzzie”)  

Atu Bosenavulgi is another small forward but tied to Pies via NGA.  Pies may struggle to match any call in him so watch out for a poacher club. 

A classy X factor is Xavier O’Neill.  He is not spoken about like the other Xaviers ((Duursma and O’halloran) but O’Neill is very exciting and classy in an outside mid role.  I wouldn’t be disappointed if he ended up at MFC. 

My biggest smoky X is Harry Reynolds.  APS Schoolboy footy remains a very strong competition and he was a standout. He just gets the footy out of nothing and his acceleration over 5 metres reminds me of some of the very good indigenous players. 

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