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5 minutes ago, Demon17 said:

The Age is reporting this morning online that Viney is strong chance for this week.  They may do a T Mac and match harden him in th AFL,  or maybe avoid Etihad and next week in Qld.

Mid 20s up here right now (I am about 150km south of Metricon).

What is the weather like in Melbs?

If big diff, might have bearing?

Having said that, I've had to don the 5AM Hampton mid winter running gear last few days and it's only just gone mild so who knows.

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4 hours ago, mongrel said:

I also noticed he looked uncomfortable most of the game. Had both boots off in a huddle I think it was quarter time so I can see them being careful with him. The fact he played out the game was a good sign. Hopefully he can be light on it this week but I also hope the club is cautious.

Have to be careful 2 weeks in a row under Edishat, on the concrete.

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12 hours ago, stevethemanjordan said:

Well it's happened before so I'm not so confident but we'll see.

I also saw him stretching hammies and understand he was sore.

But there was one moment during the game where I saw him nursing one foot and limp off.

I saw it too, but then saw him out on the ground 10 minutes later and immediately thought he must be alright, otherwise they wouldn't risk him. Probably had a jab and was fine to go.

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