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  1. Down the line You say we win 4/5 I say we win less
  2. So according to Roos' KPI if we miss finals we fail. I'll reckon that's the clubs KPI too. Wonder what the fallout will be if we miss? I'm unconvinced by our application and desire and some FD decisions including selection and MD coachjjng
  3. I'll take thatbet. I'm busy saving for a tesla solar battery and new 50hp tractor + 6ft slasher so let's say $10? I say we win less than 4
  4. Meh nope how many pastings do these men on , whAt , 7-13x Mean Ordinary full time equivalent wages need before they do their jobs properly ? It just goes on and on and on. I see where SWYL is coming from. My dad abandoned this club for NRL
  5. Someone said it earlier and I laughed but now agreee. Trade now and get über $$$
  6. Sorry and no offence to you personally but that is the type of apologist stuff that mires the mfc in mediocrity
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