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  1. ETIHAD INVADED BY SPECTATORS! ... CALL SECURITY by George on The Outer Yes the Demons have done it again! Played one hundred minutes of football and managed a lousy four goals for a whole game. At least at Geelong a couple of weeks ago there was the reasonable excuse of a river running through the ground. We are truly setting the record books alight this year as this was our ninth game where we have kicked less than ten goals. And since this was round 18, thats ½ of the games played! How we dream of the old days. Saturday afternoon at the footy. Playing against another Melbourne based side. The memories ... and if it were the old days, the season would be over by now. Although our season has in truth long been over. Could it be that Mark Neeld really wasnt the problem? Darwin aftermath perhaps? Or is the truth much simpler: We just have a team full of absolute lazy spuds! The coach doesnt stop a player chasing, or contesting. Tropical heat doesnt mean you cant stand alongside your opponent, even more so if you didnt actually play in Darwin. The sheer number of spectators on the ground should have been brought to the attention of security. Sadly, even removing them wouldnt have made any difference to the score or the result. Fining them the $7K that was flashed up so often on the screen would have been a good starting point. Taking them to the Metropolitan Assessment Prison next door would have been an even better option. Nine Melbourne players had 10 possessions or less. What hope do we have when half the team is simply bludgeing? And bludgeing off the backs of Nathan Jones and Max Gawn who once again showed what is required at AFL level football. Or a young Jack Viney who is prepared to put in 110% even in his first year of football. Things were certainly not helped by our own ineptitude, with the grand total of 41 clangers for the team. No wonder North won by over twenty goals; they simply had a couple of extra players on the ground. Except they were wearing Red and Blue jumpers. Seven years of this we have been watching now. Any more of this and there will be more spectators on the ground than in the seats in the stands. Melbourne 1.0.6 3.2.14 4.4.28 4.4.28 North Melbourne 3.5.23 6.9.41 14.12.9622.18.150 Goals Melbourne Byrnes Dawes Fitzpatrick Tapscott North Melbourne Bastinac Black 4 Adams Cunnington Goldstein Mullett Petrie Wells 2 Harvey Ziebell Best Melbourne Sylvia N Jones Frawley N Jones McDonald Dunn North Melbourne Cunnington Harvey Hansen Bastinac Goldstein Gibson Injuries Melbourne James Frawley (hamstring strain) North Melbourne Swallow (achilles) Changes Melbourne Dean Terlich replaced by Luke Tapscott North Melbourne Nil Reports MelbourneNil North Melbourne Nil Umpires Findlay Bannister Burgess Official Attendance 16,959, at Etihad Stadium
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