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  1. Demonland suggests that its members: Make use of the search function to avoid repeat topics Argue the points of discussion, not the people involved in the discussion Avoid meaningless one word topics or posts Avoid racial, political or religious abuse in discussions. This forum is about the Melbourne Football Club, not about the parties, race or religious affiliation of players, staff and/or fans. Code Of ConductThe Demonland Code of Conduct covers all matters relating to the posting of messages on DEMONLAND Forums. The Code of Conduct is not designed to be a negative "don't do this, don't do that" statement, but rather a guide for which all members of Demonland abide by, in the interests of the well being of the Forum. Demonland encourages its members to put forth their opinion, but in doing so asks all members to be considerate of other people's opinions. Football brings about high emotions, and members will have differing opinions over a variety of issues. In order to allow all people to have their say and debate to take place in a sensible manner, Demonland asks all its members to keep a cool head and remember that above all we all support the same team, and all want to see that team succeed. With regard to posts on the Demonland Forums, the Demonland Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to edit and/or remove posts that are considered to be: Acts of personal abuse Acts of racial, political or religious abuse Slanderous Indecent Knowingly false or misleading Seeking to derail a particular thread for purposes deemed inappropriate by Demonland Administrators and Moderators Any other matter deemed inappropriate Articles from newspapers, afl.com.au, sportal.com.au* must not be copied and pasted in full on Demonland.com. Members who paste full afl.com.au, Sportal articles etc. will be warned by Moderators and potentially be prosecuted under Copyright laws. Advertising posts made in the name of commercial interests may be removed by the Moderators at their sole discretion. Spamming and Flaming is also strongly discouraged, be it via the Forum of via the PM Service. Posters that continue to flaunt the Code of Conduct regarding these issues will receive warnings or bannings, depending on the severity and regularity of the offences committed. Discussion of illegal activities for example software and music piracy and other intellectual property violations are not allowed." Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to remove any post that purports in their opinion to discriminate on religious, political, sexual or ethnic grounds. Each member is normally allowed one login account. Registering with multiple accounts is not allowed without the prior consent of Demonland. It is not permitted to register under a current or past player's name unless that name is your own. While we expect to have some constructive criticism of The Board, Coaches, Players, and Staff, we will not tolerate blatant attacks towards these individuals or the spreading of knowingly false information about them. The Board, Coaches, Players, and Staff, should be accorded the same respect that the posters on the forum are accorded - nothing more, but nothing less.Trolls are not welcome here. The Demonland Administrators and Moderators wish to express that they are not inclined to rule the Forum with an iron fist, but rather place it in the members hands to take these guidelines and suggestions on board while they post. The Administrators and Moderators will only act when necessary, and will not influence or stop debate or discussion unless rules have been broken and steps must be taken. Finally, any unauthorised advertising material placed on this site will incur an advertising fee of A$1,000.00 per advertisement plus GST and will be billed to the advertiser even if the advertising post in question is subsequently removed by a Moderator in the course of carrying out his/her duties as a Moderator. By signing up as a member of Demonland you hereby acknowledge your liability to bear the cost of such advertising and to pay the amount due within seven (7) days of billing. Demonland is a place for supporters of the Melbourne Football Club to discuss issues relating to the Club and to football in general. If you have any questions regarding these conditions, feel free to contact any Administrator or Moderator via the PM Service at any time. JOKES POLICY: As a result of AFL policy as stated on Tuesday 19 February, 2013 all posters are warned that the consequences of joking on the site may have substantial negative implications on them and the Club. * INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS IN THE CONTENT OF THE SITE. All material on the site is owned by Demonland or (as warranted) by its licensors, and is protected by intellectual property laws. You may not copy, modify, reproduce, republish, post, transmit or distribute in any way any material from this site including the underlying code and software, save as authorised by this agreement. Demonland reserves the right to sue for breach of its intellectual property rights. You are only authorised to use the site and its contents for your personal, noncommercial use. This amounts to viewing the site and printing off individual pages or sections for personal use. You may not use any part of the material on this site to establish, maintain or aid in the establishment or maintenance of your own publications, Internet or other."
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