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  1. I'm wondering how supporters are feeling about him. Let's say it was the choice of the coach and you being the coach had a decision to make about retaining him or releasing him. All things considered, what would you do for the betterment of the club? I've watched him closely this year and I know there are some fans of his who are sick of hearing me go on about it but I genuinely believe he is a problem player who is part of this NQR group of long time serving MFC players. I believe he is a 'nothing' player. For his age and games experience I expect more from him in terms of on-field leadership, competitiveness and football smarts during game day. Never have I seen someone who plays so within themselves. I implore people to go back and just look at the way he plays and what he's actually offering us presently. Go and have a look at the beginning of the doggies game and tell me that he's providing something for this club that someone else couldn't do. I've used him before as an example, but Frawley has been extremely underwhelming in his first year at Hawthorn in all capacities. This isn't only my view. Several Hawthorn supporting mates that I speak to share the same view. They believe his decision making, football smarts and skills are very average and that he looks genuinely lost on the field for them. A boy amongst men. Now, obviously I'm aware that he's playing in an unbelievably skilled side who happen to be the cream of the crop but I am talking more about the leadership qualities he supposedly had. This is a guy who was in our leadership group last year and who is now looking like a school boy playing in a different side. For those who excuse this by saying things like 'he's learning a new system' etc etc, I am talking about basic body language and general intensity and energy shown whilst playing the game. Frawley doesn't show this. Garland doesn't show this and I strongly believe that this kind of lack of general intensity shown by players like that filters through and breeds bad habits and is almost certainly part of why we have such unbelievably poor drop offs in games still, regardless of the areas people believe that we have improved in. When I think of that, and remember that Frawley was in the leadership group last year, it makes me feel a little bit sick. It's no wonder Neeld tried to bring in so many older, experienced heads from other clubs whom he thought would make a more positive and genuine culture change at the club. It was a failed experiment for various reasons but Roos' attempt has proven a success. Cross for example. Let's look at him and let's look at the Bulldogs. They had the luxury of letting a player like him go and I bet your bottom dollar that he has been far more influential, sped up the development and provided far more knowledge than Garland, Dunn and Frawley combined. He plays and carries himself in a way that leaders and senior figures must. He competes and fights nail and tooth at all times and the tragic part of it all is that he is still getting games for us because we lack this kind of psychology and energy. His skills and speed are awful but he provides what players like Garland and Frawley should have provided. Coming back to Garland. What is it that supporters get so hung up about when pondering his value to the side? Given what has just been said. When I look at Jed Adcock, I think wow, here's another opportunity to bring in another player who possesses the same type of leadership qualities that players like Cross possess and he's played a big part in developing some of those younger leaders at Brisbane. Here's an opportunity to fill that 'games experience' void that supporters would worry about in losing him and it also provides an opportunity for us to put someone back there who will provide more attacking drive and better foot-skills and decision making skills which is something our back six are screaming out for. Frankly, I can't understand any argument that is pro keeping Garland other than sentimental feeling or bias for him as an individual. The whole Garland/Frawley/Jamar/Dunn debate is only one of several problems that our club has experienced. But I strongly believe we need to continue to weed the list and proactively and aggressively add to our list so that this core group or Hogan, Viney, Brayshaw, Salem etc continue to grow, continue to be inspired by their leaders and most importantly want to stay the course to take us to our first finals series in almost ten years. Him along with Jamar are two more I'd like seen gone by the end of the season.
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