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  1. For those he are squeamish about talking about list turnover in July - this thread is not for you... LIST MANAGEMENT - A Red & Blue October When it comes to deletions from the list every year I like to have a look at what is the minimum amount of talent we want to bring in and tailor the deletions from the list based on what we can bring in. For example, if cutting Tynan brings in ND96 then it would not be worth cutting Tynan. First we should look at what we WILL bring in, as opposed to incoming FAs and trades. 1. Hogan 2. ND2 3. ND21 4. ND41 5. PSD2 6. ND61 7. ND82 8. RU - Magner 9. RU - Clisby (R - has extra year) 10. ND95 11. ND105 12. ND111 Sylvia possibly leaving takes care of itself, I expect a pick following our second round pick (ND22). The possible deletions can be any fringe player of course, but the easiest to move are those out of contract. This is my order of deletion preference for those OOC: MacDonald, Gillies, Jetta, Davis, Sellar, Rodan, Davey, Nicholson, Tynan, Fitzpatrick, Taggert, Gawn, and Watts. From here we evaluate each place on the list against its replacement: MacDonald - Hogan Gillies - ND2 Jetta - ND21 Davis - ND41 Sellar - PSD2 Rodan - ND61 Davey - ND82 Nicholson - Magner Tynan - Clisby Fitzpatrick - ND95 Taggert - ND105 Gawn and Watts are obviously not going to be delisted. Those in green are additions that I think are worth the delisting of that player. So I can see 6 definite changes to the list with the future of Davey and Nicholson dependent on whether we get any draft assistance, can attract FAs and/or whether we can trade out players in much the same way Morton and Gysberts were traded. I find this is useful when posters claim we should get rid of Player X without first thinking about what we would bring in.
  2. Fan raised an interesting point about getting ready for the 2012 draft (namely Bate being delisted next year will be more beneficial than Pick 39 in this draft), and I think as it impacts on deletions now we should have a chat about it. In the 2012 draft we will want to use the two first round comp picks and the pick that we will take Viney with. I assume we will also use our second and third round picks. After that, it will be a pro-con decision. I also believe we will upgrade Nicholson. That means at least 6 deletions from the main list at the end of 2012. Who are we looking at here? If Maric, Warnock, and HWMNBN (he-who-must-not-be-named) make the three picks to get 36, 52, and 54 in this years draft then that is a good starting point to think about who makes way in 2012. Things to think about: - MacDonald, Fitzpatrick, and Wonna are OOC this year - Vulnerable players at the end of 2012? Spencer, Bate, Dunn, Strauss, Davis, Bennell, Jetta, Batram, and Green are out of contract and vulnerable in my view. - Wonna onto the RL this year (to open up pick 72 or as a swap with Nicholson?) or a simple extension for Wonna on the primary list? - giving MacDonald an extension for 2012 to better use their deletions from the list - does Green get another year after 2012? Interested to hear views as I am sure these are the questions Harrington has been asking Neeld and co. over the past few weeks. I might do an elaborate poll depending on interest levels and time... rpfc says... 2011 - Maric, Warnock, HWMNBN, and Wonna on to the RL. + Clark, 36, 52, 54 2012 - Jamar (VL), Spencer, Dunn, Bate, MacDonald, Batram, and Strauss. *This is heavily dependent on form I must say... + Viney, 10, 12, 34, 54,72/PSD/Wonna upgrade and Nicholson upgraded *Picks are rough estimates. I haven't gone into the PSD at all. Looking at the last pick and the PSD as being interchangeable. Edit - Forgot about Clark. And forgot Jamar could go onto the VL.
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