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Found 2 results

  1. http://www.afl.com.au/news/2015-02-23/no-consent-no-trades-aflpa The players look to the US when it suits them. Teams should be able to trade players at their own desire. Players are forcing through their own movement with blackmail and PR leverage. Teams should be able to send players anywhere in the league, as long the contract they signed is honoured. Contracts need to be between the player and the AFL to allow this.
  2. The above is utterly ridiculous to the fabric of contract based employment in an equalised sport. The NRL allows this but announces it publically, so the AFLPA's solution is just as stupid but without the ethical detergent of telling the truth... Some of you would say "this happens anyway, rp, the deals are done way in advance!" and while you are correct that the 'deals' may be done - the contract is not. To have a player sign a contract months before his previous one is to expire leads us down the road of European football where a player is allowed to sign with anyone up to 6 months before their contract is up. The AFLPA say it is because of 'security' but why should they have the security of TWO current contracts. Fulfil your contract and sign another in the month it expires. Also, clubs should not have the added liability of having these deals set in concrete 8 months before the player is theirs - why should the risk go entirely to the club in this instance? The AFL has to step in to protect the security of the game. No contracts ratified until October 1. No players re-signed by clubs during the season. Players have the security of their contract. They don't need the security of their next one while they are yet to fulfil their last one.
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