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  1. I love wacky ideas to make us better. So as long as you're not Steven Dank (or Cam Schwab) feel free to join in and get some going. 1. Artificial crowd noise at training For skills drills and particularly goal kicking we should turn up the noise with some artificial crowd noise to replicate game day 2. Music at training: On a similar line to point 1. But for running drills we should have some tunes going. Our players are pro's now, they'll train hard regardless. So lets let them have a bit of fun out there 3. Tinder swipe right night Atlanta Hawks got it started. Dees can keep it going. Will just need to sort the filter to only include those in the MCC and of course improve the MCG's phone coverage or even better get it decked out with decent WiFi. http://grantland.com/the-triangle/atlanta-hawks-tinder-and-swipe-right-night-love-in-a-no-longer-hopeless-place/ 4. Fitz-sub-trick Take a chance that you'll get through the best part of 3/4's without an injury and make Fitzy the sub. Then sub a ruck and have a fresh player around the ground in the ruck for parts of quarters, as well as a super quick half forward coming in when the game has opened up. Could also try it with Pedersen but would need a different name. Pedo trick sounds nasty 5. Uncontested centre bounces Practise this. Save it. Fake a dodgy interchange and feign panic in the ruck. Then have Vince, Jones etc in the ruck. Use it wisely:
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