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  1. Article on fox sports saying Dee’s are firming on Jackson at pick 3.
  2. He’s put a $1m contract on his head to scare off other possible suitors.
  3. Some of his games this year were reminiscent of Zac Dawson’s 1st few games.
  4. Pick 3 + 8 for Smith. Mahoney praised for getting deals done.
  5. They have 0 high paid stars. They’d have an open cheque book.
  6. The training induction. Bring a bottle to drink water and bring an empty to wee in.
  7. We were gonna take him on a tour of our facilities then we remembered we don’t have any.
  8. Ok. Who do we move our attention to now?
  9. Wasn’t Roosy right into Myers from Essendon?
  10. I suspect there is a higher financial offer from the hawks and we don’t want to match. if this ends up being frost out, Langdon in, that’s a win.
  11. Great speech Max. This guy is the right person to lead us forward.
  12. There really isn’t a lot of content on this live stream.
  13. So I can’t creepily watch the team eat their food?
  14. My live stream just has our sponsers logos on repeat. Help?
  15. I wouldn’t put this past them.
  16. Maybe we are the new north. Managers using us to get more coin at current clubs.
  17. Lockhart looks a player. Hore was ok. Hard to tell from the rest. At first glance it’s a poor draft. I pray Dunkley ends up as good as his brother.
  18. Oh to have someone who can kick like Jetta.
  19. I guess we were all wrong. It was a good year after all. Go Dee’s! Defensive kings!
  20. If I see us trade a first round pick for another player we could get for free the following year via free agency I’ll be sick.
  21. There’s no way there was 10 highlights.
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