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  1. Make my own most mornings red, with a bit of yoghurt and red and blue berries!
  2. Unlike yourself I like to move on Moon! You are probably still wallowing in the glory days... of the 1940'S!
  3. I was so depressed about being correct on so many occasions that I took a sabbatical! I have been drinking, loving life and enjoying the 69 virgins!
  4. What's happening gentlemen? It's been a while but I have been enjoying life and it's good! Nice to know the same old shite is frequenting this site!
  5. 8-10 wins totally gettable this year when you consider we lead in up to 10 games in quarter 4 last year. I will go out on a limb and say we will win 9 1/2 games. That is my pass mark.
  6. Great concert, they still have it! Too bad that will be it. Now for the premiership!
  7. Hmmmm, just give Athol a call, he is a "Guy' that is fairly flexible, but late at night all you will be bound for is Morningtown!
  8. Have never had a bad banana smoothie, don't mix alcohol with it! Gas! Start drinking proper stuff and that problem will go away! Haven't been on for a while but the same shite still appears! Come on guys give me something witty and above your station in life!
  9. Nice one Redman! Have had 2 reds while reading it though!
  10. Agree TDI. And just love The Fitz! Hope he has a break out year!
  11. So doesn't mean our rucking was lacking
  12. The difference this year is that the pressure is not on the Toump to perform. He has other newbies so to carry the load. look out, look out The Toump will be up and about!
  13. I believe so! 2015 or 2016? Get your money on people!
  14. Yes, but they had great midfields...and we...did not!
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