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  1. A proud demon tonight. enjoy the next 2 weeks as much as we can. Hopefully a dynasty is coming and we can all celebrate together at the MCG. Gawn. Legend . All the boys well done.
  2. Umpires aside we are struggling big time. Very same same. Lots of players out of form. Can't score easily and defence is starting to falter
  3. Disgraceful loss. Serious weakness in this team that may eventually rear it's head against the top teams when it counts the most. Probably cost ourselves two home finals now. Yeah the defense is ok but we can't actually win a game with offence when it's needed. Many players out there had their worst games in a Melbourne jumper.
  4. There's no forgiving that loss to the lowly pies. There were some glaring issues. Picking and choosing when to turn up and play the "brand" doesn't bode well. The Hollywood football of petracca and Oliver. The shambolic forward line. I'm far from convinced about this team.
  5. Phenomenal second half. Some scintillating ball movement and pressure lifted. McDonald petracca and Oliver fantastic
  6. Lions a class above. Too good. We are off on pressure and our midfield is a real worry. No Oliver no melbourne. Langdon's importance to the team can't be underestimated
  7. Can't recall a more well rounded and mature performance from any Melbourne team. Defensively brilliant. Enjoyed this one a lot.
  8. Oliver is a petulant child. Lets hope he goes to Collingwood instead of petracca. The umpiring is pathetic. GWS simply going harder and blocking any run by creating congestion. Ugly game
  9. Painful even for a practice game. Quite a few mids missing today but the ball movement and clearance work is still some of the worst in the comp. Its still hard to see what the intent really is and It seems the players feel the same way. Baker, sparrow, harmes, spargo, Vandenberg are a big no from me. Depth is really really poor
  10. Great news, long time coming. My hatred for the filth may even subside a few % now.
  11. Definitely picked for outside smarts and skill but the problem is they both will struggle to be physically ready to have an impact next year. 67kgs is one of the lightest picks I can recall.
  12. What a club. Cant even keep one genuine star mid in 20 years happy for longer than 4 years. The damage goodwin is doing to the club is unimaginable. Question has to be asked whether you want to hang on to a disenchanted player a year too long?
  13. The series had some really interesting training footage and content. I enjoyed watching Burgess at work (If only Goodwin had an inch of Burgess' motivational capability). The rest of it, in particular the title, is cringe worthy. Particularly now in hindsight. The club needs to minimise the social media fluff pieces this off season. It will put the members even further offside.
  14. Exactly. There will always be an excuse to prevent the club from having to make ruthless and difficult decisions. Mediocrity seeps from the walls of the club. How anyone can still defend the last two seasons is beyond me.
  15. im in this game for premierships not 8th place. #GoodwinOut
  16. For whatever reason im fairly calm. I almost expected this sort of performance because a) something is on th eline so we are mentally weak in those situations; b) Longmire is a tactical coach so Goody was always gong to get outplayed. Oscar Mcdonald is an embarrassment.
  17. Didn't think clowns were allowed to work during lockdown
  18. The intensity is falsely represented when yiure playing the three worst form teams in the comp. This is the real Melbourne. Mediocre and not up to finals standard. A coach who is inept on game day
  19. An absolutely pitiful quarter. Our leaders (if we have any) failed to stand up and the big three mids were given a good reality check on where they actually sit in the comp. Average.
  20. Kicking into the man on the mark...only a Melbourne player could do that. Seriously unacceptable
  21. Cant believe this is the same guy who kicked 50 two seasons ago. One of the sharpest declines in memory. Has to be injury.
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