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  1. A key factor in our ability to defend clearances is having one less at tbe stoppages. The fact we are number 2 for attacking from clearance and dominate in scores from stoppages (bar the lions game) playimg one down at stoppages shows how good our midfield and set ups are.
  2. I agree with all of the above. Contest and pressure is absolutely the foundation of our game. It is fir all clubs. And for the dees the other fundamental is defence. And I'd agree that come finals our game will revert back to a large degree to a forward half, territory game. That's finals footy. But hopefully key elements of the new, transition from back half method will remain in place. And hopefully playing a less contested, coal face game during the home and away series will mean we are not as banged up come finals as we were in 2023 and 2022. I mean think back to those seasons. At the end of 2022 our first pre finals training session looked like an episode of MASH with all the bandages and limping. At the end of last season our forward line was missing so many players that we had to bring in an injured tmac. It is obvious, and clarry said as much, that they want to make the home and way season less physically taxing. And there is hardly a more taxing method than that used by the dees since the start of the 2021 season. It makes perfect sense to implement a less taxing methodin the home and away season and kudos to goody for doing so - particularly given the associated risks, winning fewer games being the obvious one. But in order to change something so fundamental we are going to have to wear some funky stats, some out of character performances and some losses too. Rome wasn't built in a day.
  3. That surprises me TU. I had you pegged as a bit more realistic. But perhaps I've misunderstood your scaling parameter, and it isn't subjective to objective. By the by tmac is an excellent field kick. Which is why he I'd going at 81.8% by foot this year. By way of contrast salo is at 70.6% But salo takes on harder kicks I hear you say. Fair point, though there is still a 11.2% gap between the two.
  4. Meant to include Bowser. Brain fade. Have to see macadam first.
  5. I'm with you col. I have always liked the giants. Almost agree with your daughter too. Second best song.
  6. I did no such thing. For petes sake, a third of the way through the season we are 5-2, 4th on the ladder with the 4th best percentage of any team, having played 3 of our 7 games interstate. 5-2. 4th on the ladder. 4th best percentage. With four of our best 22 to come back in (salo,Bowser, Hunter and melk). And it feels as if we are no good? Man oh man we see the game differently.
  7. That assumes they get through their game against the blues on Saturday injury free. I'm predicting two hammy tweaks and a suspension.
  8. Agree. Though I could see goody wanting to bring hunter in for his experience and grunt. Possibly at the expense of woey or Laurie (if the latter woey sub).
  9. To be honest, it feels as if you are simply searching for proof we are no good. Clearance numbers mean squat. It's about the score from clearances differential. As I noted above we have smashing teams for scores from stoppages. I've no idea what yoy are talking about with our pressure. We had one quarter out of 28 with a pressure rating of 150 and that's evidence our pressure had been off? Apart from the lions game, when blund freddy could see we were gassed, it has been largely fantastic. Go check out the stats file thread. The pressure numbers are there for every game. And even less idea what you are talking about in terms of our last 3-4 weeks. Poor against the lions, but we still only got beaten by 22 points. Poor in the first half last night, we piled on 10 goals to 2 in the second half to win by 43 points (against the same team who rolled the swans a couple of weeks back). We beat the crows. At Adelaide oval off a five day break. And in one of the games of the season, and arguably one of our best games since our flag, we beat Port at Adelaide oval. But we all see what we want to see i guess. You're not a Smiths fan by any chance?
  10. We are 5-2 with a healthy percentage, with the most difficult part of our fixture in yerms of scheduling (eg interstate travel and breaks between games) done and dusted. And we are not playing our best football. The other big factor is we are trying to implement a changed method, which is always a challenge. On that front we are number one for rebound 50s (tigers second, cats third). Laudable given better transition from the back half is the foundation of the new method. You see doom. I see upside. As clarry said in his post match interview, we started hot in previous years and fell away. He said they are focused on setting things up to plsy our best footy come finals.
  11. Indeed. They scored a grand total of one point from centre clearances (to go with their whopping two points from around the ground stoppages). One point. Not much waltzing there. I'm convinced some people see what they want to see - in this case something that didn't happen.
  12. Lots to unpack there. So ill pick just one element - your critisism of the midfield. As goody noted in his post match presser, it's not the number of clearances, it's the quality of clearances. And as he also referenced, we set up at stoppages one player down, making it less likely we will win any given around the ground stoppage. But when we do win a stoppage no team, with the possible exception of the blues, is better at turning that stoppage win into a score. And no team is better at stopping an opponent score from a stoppage when they win it, in large part because we use the spare we create because we bring one (sometimes more) less to the stoppages behind the ball. In other words, it doesn't matter so much how many clearances we win or lose. It matters how much more, or less, we score from them. Quality not quantity - as defined by scoreboard impact. The lions game is an outlier. Smashed in total clearances and scores from stoppages But otherwise we are consistently outscoring teams from stoppages, often by very big margins. Here's our raw clearance totals from last night: Centre Clearances 8 10 -2 Stoppage Clearances 24 15 +9 And here is our score from stoppages: Centre Bounce 1.1.7 0.1.1 +6 Stoppage (Other) 3.1.19 0.2.2 +17 So plus 23 points from stoppages. Impressive by my measure. And a huge factor in the end result. I'd also add that a key part of our midfield, maxy, who came up against two rucks, won the award for BOG. In what world does that equate to our midfield struggling?
  13. That is just so brilliant. And is the sort of analysis that coverage of hamwsso desperately needs. It would be so easy to introduce too. White notes the space viney creates and holds. One thing I noticed about tracc getting tagged by kickett is at centre square stoppages he took kickett away from the drop of the ball. That space often allowed koz to get involved and helped with clean exits. Which is the sort of thing goody us referecing when he talks about how we take advantage of a tag on clarry, tracc or Oliver.
  14. 24-12 our way helps to chill the criticism of the umps I reckon. Long may it reign.
  15. And you can add melksham and Hunter too. And whilst McAdam wasn't with us last season, he is def possible best 22 this year.
  16. Ah yes, good point. Though I imagine the away factor wouldn't matter if it was at the g because the sample would have included a huge number of games between teams that share the g as a home ground.
  17. Sorry, don't follow skuit The consensus is we played poorly. Yet we still won by 43 points. People seem to equate high scoring with playing well. As if defending brilliantly and keeping a team to 42 points should not be factored into the assessment. And that running up a high score is be some sort of evidence of our ability to be competitive with teams that are supposedly the benchmark So i just picked a random score that would be considered a decent score, but still with a 43 point winning margin. A result that whilst be sexier and a nice sugar hit for fans, would have been less help to our actual chances of say making top 4 because we would have got less percentage than we did. The most effective way to build percentage (which is the goal of h&a games - not to look great on offence) is win by a decent margin (eg 43 points) AND keep the opposition to as low a score as possible. Tick, tick last night In case people didn't get the memo, goody is not a believer in his premiership coach's (blight) offence first philosophy of attacking and scoring as much as possible. Goody's philosophy defence first and keeping the opposition under a benchmark score (each year there is a target score). And go from there (which this year had included trying to create space in our forward line to be more 'efficient' - something we did absolutely brilliantly last night). No coincidence goody emphasised in the post match pressure the score we kept them to. But, in any case, yes our kicking was woeful in rhe first half but as ive noted we piled on 10 goals in the second half (to their two). So plenty of sugar hits for the goals is proof of excellence crew. The game goes for 4 quarters, not two. Sure knock our performance in the first half, but extrapolating that to the whole game does us a massive disservice. We haven't kicked 10 or more goals in a second half since July last year, when we kicked 12 second half goals against the tigers. I didn't go further back than that, but I can't imagine we have kicked 10 or more goals in a half that many times in the last couple of seasons (or plys 8 goals), or at all under Goody for that matter. And it's not as if we were playing the roos or eagles. The tigers were undermanned and butchered the ball, but as yze noted (and as evidenced by the stats, eg pressure, cps, tackles) their pressure and contest was excellent all game. It was no walk over, and implying it was disrespects the tigers performance - and ours by extension.
  18. Terrific stuff. It's worth noting that the standard 7 day break program as detailed in that article includes two all team sessions (not including the captain's run) - a recovery skills session and a main session Goody said pre game that after the lions match they gave the players a 4 day break and then did three 'quality' sessions (which i think he said included a match sim). We had a 13 day break into the tigers game. The players had a 4 day break, meaning back on deck Tuesday before last, and the captains run on Tuesday this week. Meaning they had 3 sessions in a seven day period, with at least a couple of weight sessions too no doubt. In other words, they did increased training loads in the lead up to the Tigers game (ie more work than they would do in a standard week as per the article). They could have flipped that and done the increased load in week one of their break and then given the players their break. That would have meant being fresher against the tigers. But i would suggest they did not do so because they are targeting the cats and blues games. Maxy said post game that they will have just the (standard) two sessions this week. I assume they then have a very light load in the 5 day break into the blues game. On weight sessions, it is worth remembering load management involves two elements - aerobic (wrong word I think, but y'all get the drift) and power/strength. Increased power/strength loads, done away from the prying eyes at training sessions, mean some players (particularly young players, like Windsor for example) will feel the effects (eg jelly legs, sore muscles etc) on game day. Which will likely negativley impact their skills, for example their kicking.
  19. Ta. Our percentage is now 126.1. Some would have been thrilled if we won that game with a score of 113 to 70. Because if we played like that against (insert some supposedly unbeatable team here) and all that. But we win 85 to 42 (kicking 10 in the second half mind you) and despite gaining 1.5% more it's somwhow a fail. Like you get a percentage boost or an extra point for style. We missed finals by 0.2% in 2017.
  20. I'm terrible at maths. A question for anyone who is not. We gained 7.6%. How much percentage would we have gained if we win that match 113 to 70.
  21. Sunday 30 July 2023. Round 20. Eleven games ago. That was last time we kicked 10 goals in a second half. Coincidentally, or perhaps not, thst game was also against the tigers.
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