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  1. Spargo and ANB huge second halfs for not kicking a goal between them.
  2. He has played really well, feel like he has eliminated some mistakes, taking people on and poor kicking. Has done some really good work in close with his handballing and releasing other players too. I hope he can hold his form when Viney comes back in and takes the 'third' mid role.
  3. IN: Langdon, B.Brown OUT: Melk, Weid ?: Is Viney Ready? Think he is an automatic inclusion, but tough to find an OUT. Hunt maybe, but the defensive unit has been good, think her keeps his spot for now. Sparrow as the last one in, but he was good tonight. Jordan, maybe due for a rest?
  4. Such a great defensive game from the wing. Really shut down Bont in quiet a few contests, which is so important since Bont is usually very damaging.
  5. Talks about his speed quite a bit. Only weaknesses seem to be height and penetration kicking. The stuff about leadership, attack on the ball, culture changer. This is what we need. Give me a son of a club legend, with these type of non-statistic based qualities over a 2% better selection as a player.
  6. FWIW Knightmare (Bigfooty poster, puts up a Phantom draft every year, has great knowledge on potential draftees) has Viney as the fourth best player (Behind Daniher, O'Meera and Whitfield) so the 2nd best available for us. Based on that the discussion is kind of moot since if they want a midfielder whoever has pick 2 will nominate him. Hopefully they are after a ruckman, ie. Grundy or more of an outside midfielder. I see no reason for them to nominate Viney if they don't want him, it doesn't help them in anyway unless they trade for pick 5-8 or something ridiculous.
  7. Think they could have named another 10-15 without us getting a nod. Moloney probably around 50-55. Go watch some non-demon games, McPharlin is all but a lock at FB.
  8. Well Fremantle is doing well and is probably the only real example of 'just add water' footy club. PA has history, Adelaide/WC don't really count since they were the first teams in AFL heartland cities. Although I do doubt GC/GWS will have as smooth a ride as Freo.
  9. Why would a Dale Thomas or a Marc Murphy leave there club when they are in a premiership window? It's not like they've gone out of their way to target the bottom teams, it's just easier to persuade players that are unlikely to be winning a premiership in the short term future to move clubs, especially when there is a lot of money involved. Someone had to suffer to bring new teams into the league, it's just unfortunate for teams that are bottoming out now. Be thankful we are not in PAs shoes... and have already topped up on a lot of talent.
  10. God, seriously. I read Bigfooty (probably too much) and the comparisons between NN v JW (v MH) and Scully v Trengove v Martin (v Fyfe) drive me insane, mainly due to Melbourne supporters that constantly have to be validated that our player is/will be the 'best'.
  11. Meh, only part I agree with is that he is essentially worth exactly a number 1 pick, no reason to dispute this. But there is no way the AFL will change the formula for us specifically, otherwise every club will petition the AFL for 'special conditions'. The only question is, will we get band 1 or band 2 if he leaves? The result is so dependent on where we finish in the year we take the pics so it's hard to judge what he is worth. I disagree thoroughly though that band 1 is 'overs' for Scully, unless we are planning on finishing in the bottom 2 or 3. If we finish last band 1 is pick 2 and pick 9, which is worth more than he is worth, band 2 would be pick 2, which is about right. If we finish 8th though band 1 is pick ~9 and ~12, which is probably just not worth it; Sydney offered pick 6 and 14 for pick 3 in 2009 and were turned down, rightly so considering top 3 in 2009 look well above the rest (bar Fyfe) but it's probably roughly equivalent. If we had band 2 and finished 8th we would get pick ~11 which is clearly not even close.
  12. Lloyd made the coverage almost unbearable for me yesterday, I loathe him more than any other media personality and am not entirely sure why. Was looking forward to channel 10 coverage since most of our games have been on 7 (I hate how they put 5 ads between goals) but I'd take Bruce and Dennis two man circle jerk over Lloyd's 'special comments' any day.
  13. 2008 draft looks better IMO, better spread of talent across different positions, most considered it a super draft before anyone had even played. That said the 2009 draft looks good, top 4 (Fyfe-Martin-Scully-Trengove) look to be extremely promising, rest are a little bit behind. We definitely killed this draft, although it helps when you have pick 1 and 2 as well as 4 in the top 18.
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