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  1. If Freo can win this, I might have to take them seriously
  2. 5 outs, I should be worried but am actually very confident of winning today
  3. Freo starting like a bottom 4 team so far
  4. Would love to see Freo get up at Geelong
  5. But it won’t be discussed by the media. Horrible fair weather fans, watch their attendances plummet
  6. Agree. Great thing is, Parish was your typical Melbourne selection, thankfully our club has changed and we picked Oliver
  7. I posted years ago that by the AFL declaring the head as sacrosanct it would lead to players leading with their heads, which has happened. The head should be protected, but players that do actions like this should be penalised for holding the ball
  8. Shiel should have been dropped the week before if they were serious, the footage of him highlighted I think by King was disgraceful, to say the least. That he played last week says Rutton is not much chop IMO
  9. How the hell was this stinking pile of crap game get a Friday night time slot, 2 of probably the oldest lists who were in all likelihood going to go backwards after last year. Would be annoyed if I was Tigers (petty AFL payback?) going to Perth after playing on Sunday night. Crap scheduling Auld!
  10. Like last year, wear the first quarter pressure and crush them
  11. Horribly sore throat here, whiskey helping it and frustration of first goal
  12. Always a nice touch, the symbolism of going through banner together
  13. What a brilliant moment for the diggers involved
  14. Watching here in Alice, love the lights in crowd behind horse and flame, doing it at night makes the ceremony better
  15. During Casey game they said from ticket sales, they expected 70+
  16. This game last year, I realised we were the real deal. This game this year, I want us to show them they are pretenders, their glory years are over
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