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  1. no goals once again in the last quarter . why ? this is becoming a pattern . teams will start to have belief that they can beat us if they are close
  2. i honestly don't think i could name 6 contributors today
  3. i dont even know where to begin with fixing this . this was the most embarrassing game i have seen the dees play since mark neeld . is the problem the midfield, the forwards, our defence ? is it the gameplan ? is it the coaches ? it's so deflating
  4. i think this is a case of moving deck chairs on the titanic . we are cooked .
  5. tracc has had a few lackluster weeks in the middle . goes forward and kicks a bag of 5 . should we consider playing him up forward considering his recent midfield form and our uninspiring key forwards ?
  6. the first half wasn't pretty to watch but thank the heavens for Steven May and Jake Lever intercepting and marking everything. with the exception of one poor turnover kick by TMAC which cost us he has been fantastic as the third tall in defence.
  7. big benny brown will probably be rested this week . who do we bring in for him ? i would like to see koltin replace kozzi
  8. fantastic reporting once again @george_on_the_outer
  9. was that the most putrid umpiring performance in a Dees game for a long time ?
  10. 6 neal-bullen 5 gawn 4 lever 3 petracca 2 brown 1 tmac
  11. shoutout to our defense and in particular Lever and tommy mac who held it all together without steven may and under a barrage of huge pressure from 20 more inside 50s than the Dees had
  12. one smart bit of play that the Dees implemented in the last quarter was a bit of tempo footy to slow things down a bit .we were chipping it around . supporters around me we getting a bit agitated with this because we weren't going for the juggular and trying to win by 70 plus points . but there weren't seeing the larger picture . we were a man down with a healthy lead . we have brown and petty and also tmac who we are trying to nurse through a hectic schedule over the next 3 weeks leading into the bye without 2 key figures in defence now . slowing the play down late in the game was smart and meant we weren't going to overtax some of these players by playing quick footy and possibly forcing turnovers when the game was done and dusted . what do you guys think ? do you think this was an intentional strategy by goody and the footy department given the developments of the day and keeping in mind the next few weeks ?
  13. not many negatives this week with the exception of some sloppy disposal and some fumbling of the footy early on . couple of players had howlers today in sparrow , lever (although he took some good marks later on) and salem (although he made up for it later on with the goal .
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