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  1. how do we cover the loss of kozzy for this match ?
  2. great to see the boys live and even though it was a praccy match it was nice to leave with the win. havent been to princess park since the nineties
  3. kozzy isn’t available for our match against the Swans in opening round . how will we cover his loss in the forward line and who takes his place ? I haven’t been overly impressed with any of our small forwards in the 2 praccy matches with the exception of kynan brown but he wasn't given much of a chance to put his hand against the blues .
  4. any chance that Clarrie might play a quarter or two ?
  5. thanks for all of your efforts this season boys . i only found this podcast midway through the year but it became a staple for me each and every week . i'm a little bit concerned about our straight sets exits over the past two seasons and i'm a little bit worried if we are still genuine contenders for the flag and i just hope we don't drop away from the pack . are we still in the premiership window and are we in any danger of dropping out of finals contention in 2024 ?
  6. the 10 billion dollar questions this week is does tmac come in to replace the injured Melk ?
  7. the Melksham injury was devastating . he has been a huge part of keeping our decimated forward line together in the absence of Fritsch, Brown, McDonald & Petty and i just feel gutted for him even more so given he missed out of 2021 . given the recovery time and his age i can't help think he may now hang up the boots . just a week ago he would have been a lock to go around again next season .
  8. one of my favourite players is young Jakey Bowey but I can’t help think he’s a little bit down on form and confidence in the past few weeks . his usually a great disposer of the ball but has been panicky and turned the ball over a few times which is very uncharacteristic of him . one such instance was at the beginning of the last when his handball missed the mark resulting in the Hawks first goal just seconds into the quarter bringing them back to within 2 goals . in the 3rd he showed indecision and a complete lack awareness resulting in getting tackled and pinged resulting in another score for the Hawks . by no means am I calling for him to be dropped , rested or replaced but something is NQR . Love the poddie . Thank you to you wonderful people for providing a respite for us Dees fans from the bleating sheep in the mainstream media .
  9. what is it with the Dees and wet weather footy ? Lost 5 out of 5 this season on a wet slippery deck .
  10. kudos to our small forwards this week . they really lifted this week and got us back into the match when needed . 3 goals a piece to kozzy, chin and nibbler was just what the Hobart doctor ordered .
  11. 6 Petracca 5. Pickett 4. Gawn 3. Brayshaw 2. Viney 1. Hunter
  12. 6. Gawn 5. Petty 4. Viney 3. Petracca 2. van Rooyen 1. Melksham
  13. what a fantastic win . can’t wait to listen to this podcast . i know he’s still a few weeks away but can we play fritsch and melksham in the same team . melksham has been huge this past month .
  14. really loved last weeks poddie fellas . you did an excellent job of dissecting the thrilling win over the Lions so thank you . would be interested in your thoughts on Maysie taking the kick outs . that howler in the third could have ended up costing up the match . i really dont think he can be trusted with it unless he kicks long down the line but that might give away where were going . also i think it was Thomo who twice placed the ball on the ground before hoofing it into the middle . not sure how long we can continue that without telegrapghing what were doing . keep up the great work guys .
  15. 6. Viney 5. Gawn 4. Chandler 3. Salem 2. Brayshaw 1. Pickett
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