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  1. Hi Guys, Firstly love the podcast, my favourtie part of the week! Appreciate all the effort that goes into it for us to enjoy. More of a comment rather than a question however when do you think Goody will get the credit he deserves both within the MFC communtiy and externally for being one of the better coaches in the AFL? Third year in a row we've locked in a top 4 finish (no other current coach has done this), he's built a defensive game plan that teams still struggle to penetrate and has a relationship with the players that sees us lose few and also enables us to be a destination club. I also havent even mentioned the drought breaking premiership. On the weekend he altered a gameplan to nullify and clog up the hawks switching gameplan, which mean they just kept kicking it to May, Lever and Rivers. Yet, i'm sure everyone will keep talking about how much of a maestro Mitchell is. Yes, we have an amazing list but dont underestimate how integral Goodwin and the coaching staff are to us going all the way this year. Thankfully i have complete confidence in them. Keen to get your thoughts? Go dees! EverDee
  2. Hi Demonland, first time poster and love your work!! I have no doubt there will be many different theories for our VERY disappointing end to 2022, many which will have 'some' merit. However, surely it all just comes back to fitness and the fact that we weren't fit enough to be able to execute our game plan that won us a flag last year. Keen to get your thoughts? I heard one commentator say on the weekend that it took opposing teams about 1.5 quarters to work out that they couldnt long bomb it to our key backs, therefore went short and at angles which is why we kept getting overun. To me that is the biggest load of rubbish i have ever heard. Instead, in my opinion it took 1.5 quarters for melbourne to tire and no longer apply the pressure and overlap run to carry out our gamplan and that is the main reason why we kept giving up not just leads but decent one's against quality teams at that. Also keen to get your though on that? This season to me proved that our best is still probably the best however we need to be one of, if not the fittest team in the comp to carry out our gamplean for the whole season. I believe the combination of a premiership hangover (not doing that extra 5%), a botched fitness program and injuries (especially carrying banged up players) is why we struggled so much towards the end of the year. Silver lining is thay are all easily fixed (with a bit of luck with injuries) and some smart recruiting/trading and we'll back us in to raise the cup at the G in 2023.
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