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  1. And please get Viney back in the centre too! How long can a toe take to heal? Chop it off!
  2. “Nope. And neither does Collingwood, given he's fit but not playing.” Nonsense. He’ll be back
  3. The centre tap outs and clearances were mostly their way. They constantly had multiple players standing in space to whom an easy kick could be sent with no MFC player within cooee of them. Apparently this is zone defence. Surely when the coaching staff and players noticed that the opposition was taking multiple uncontested marks they would consider manning up more, especially in the last quarter when it was still possible to win. This was a very poor performance against a bottom four team.
  4. Weideman isn’t cooked he’s just not up to it. Trade him.
  5. Leaving their men free in clear space all the time to take uncontested marks was very disappointing.
  6. They flooded their back fifty very effectively.
  7. 2 weeks ago Gerard Whately referred to the Collingwood vs Geelong game as the worst game of footy he’d ever seen, during the game. This was due to the Collingwood side’s poor performance and dour style of play. I agreed with him at the time. They were atrocious. But today they played out of their skins for Buckley. They won’t make finals.
  8. Umpires’ goal for a fifty metre penalty that wasn’t there then a “mark” that bounced off the ground to Kennedy. What a joke win!!!
  9. The umpiring in that game was appalling.
  10. What professional qualification does Caroline Wilson have? She was the daughter of a Richmond administrator. Does she have a bachelors degree in journalism?
  11. There is zero difference between a ‘commentator’ and a journalist.
  12. Thousands of journalists have zero professional qualifications. They have secured a job to sell the news. That’s all. They don’t tell the truth unless it sells the ‘news’. A journalist is someone who verbally or in writing provides a commentary on current events. That may include some ‘analysis’ which is often just opinion based on their personal allegiances or personal biases.
  13. She is frequently on SEN as a journalist, discussing football both men’s and women’s. She also has long discussions with Whately. Don’t be so disdainful of midwives! They aid the delivery of babies under difficult circumstances in hospital and in people’s homes. They do a great job. Many journalists have other jobs. What pray tell is your definition of a journalist? Have a listen to Dermott Bretton some time. He hates Melbourne with a passion.
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