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  1. The praise of Scott and Ducker Selwood on the AFL website, calling Scott a ‘genius’ and Selwood the greatest ever Geelong player is nauseating. So they beat Swans on a day when the Swans didn’t turn up to play and had stage fright in the GF. Whoopee doo!
  2. Yes, agreed and lazy too. Great potential if prepared to go in hard, but he doesn’t. Looks like he’s just coasting.
  3. You can just leave without scanning out. You only need to scan out if you’re planning to return.
  4. Those MCC members who were successful in the ballot then didn’t turn up to the GF will get a rude shock next year. The MCC will not allow you in the GF ballot in 2023. Too bad if MFC are in it!
  5. The only half decent teams we played in the first ten rounds were Richmond and Western Bulldogs, both of whom bowed out quickly in the finals.
  6. How did we lose to a team that we absolutely thrashed twice this year? Backwards kicks, dumb decision-making, hand passing to players about to be tackled, kicking long before looking who we they were kicking to. Stupid 50m penalties X2. Last year our final quarters were unbeatable. The past several weeks our final quarters have been absolutely disastrous. Is the loss of the fitness coach a factor? Some retirement announcements expected in the off season. Reset for a new year. Don’t expect any more premierships in the near future.
  7. Every player was moving freely. Petracca’s kicking for goal was a bit off, but it always is! I’d imagine his kicking with his injured right leg will be a bit off for a couple of weeks at least. Fritsch and Spargo looked absolutely fine, as did Jackson and Ben Brown. I would guess that they’ll play Petracca and take him off at the first sign of sluggishness to be replaced with Van Rooyen who looks ready to go.
  8. Be careful when you sign up to the watch AFL app for one month because they keep on rolling it over until you cancel it and they don’t notify you until after they’ve rolled it over and charged you again for another month’s subscription.
  9. He’s a big boy. Time to make a family of his own!
  10. Van Rooyen had 8 disposals and kicked one point at VFL level last weekend.
  11. All Demons supporters absolutely love you you Kozzie!
  12. JVR kicked one point for the VFL on the weekend and had a very low possession count. He’s never played AFL and won’t this year. Salem has been steadily improving the past few weeks. Weidemann has been pretty useless this year in the AFL.
  13. We lose by 6 points to the next team on the ladder, we’re third on the ladder and this is your response?
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