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  1. West Coast have underperformed significantly this year, but they still have one of the most talented lists in the league. If their injury issues ease up I could see them building back some consistency and confidence.
  2. For two years I've whinged about Brayshaw not playing in the middle. He's finally figured out how to play wing, and despite not finding huge amounts of the ball, is now a crucial part of our team.
  3. In the postmatch Goodwin said that Salem is struggling with a few niggles with his body. Didn't specify what exactly, but is the same issue that kept him out against Adelaide. Him coming off early was just precautionary as we had the match sealed, and is expected to play next week.
  4. 6: Gawn 5: Petracca 4: Oliver 3: TMac 2: May 1: Spargo
  5. Pickett wouldn't have gotten a free for that
  6. McCluggage just keeps dropping it as soon as he's tackled. Knows the umps don't want to give the quick free kick
  7. Outdid their great first half with a great quarter. We've got the hunger, as long as we take our chances I'll back us in here.
  8. And to think some of you people couldn't imagine us getting back into this, only took 10 minutes. Intensity has stepped up big time, especially in the middle.
  9. Well done by McDonald sucking in that absolute peanut Dayne Zorko
  10. Oliver can be incredible with his hands. That's exactly what we need more of.
  11. Really not too worried about the umpring at all aside from a bit of holding. Many of the lion's free kicks have been for holding the ball. Their tackling has been excellent, while we've been fumbly and not choosing the first option. If we're gonna win this we need more from the midfield, Oliver and Trac can do the damage.
  12. Can't give Cameron anywhere near that much space, really poor
  13. Brisbane marking everything so far, but if they're gonna keep playing slow like this, then they'll need to keep grabbing them all game. Our work around the contest has been poor by our standards so far, but Brisbane's pressure has been excellent. Gawn dominant in the ruck, but need Oliver and Petracca to break out of the stoppages more as the game goes on.
  14. Out: Weid, Langdon (if injured) In: B.Brown, Baker In some ways I'd like to keep Weid in to build his confidence, but at the same time it's important to drive standards, and Brown deserves a chance to build confidence in the 1s as well. Looking forward, Viney comes into this team but I have no idea at who's expense.
  15. 6. Oliver 5. Harmes 4. Brayshaw 3. Lever 2. Petracca 1. TMac
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