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  1. Weitering had a great performance in round 1 and carried that hype for an entire season. May was significantly better than him and Collins probably was too. Darcy Moore in a similar situation. Had multiple bad games through the middle of the year that the selectors are happily ignoring.
  2. Quaynor getting the nomination is a joke. Rivers and Scholl were significantly better than him this week. Also if you're looking at body of work Rivers and Quaynor have basically the same stats this season.
  3. I'm happy with the selections. It's not an inspiring lineup but the players currently out of the team were all given chances and didn't perform. Swapping all of our forwards every week doesn't help anyone, so I'm glad to see slightly more continuity.
  4. Not really. If we finish anywhere outside the 8 then our pick would likely only fall 1-4 selections. Ugle Hagan will definitely push it down 1 spot, Braeden Cambell could get a bid inside the top 10, and then possible free agency compo for Brad Crouch or Joe Daniher. The problem with this draft is the lack of exposure of the Victorian players, but this could actually be beneficial to us, as some highly talented Victorians could slide a little further down the draft.
  5. I think people's expectations are a bit too high for a first year player who went pick 12. Kossie has shown glimpses of special talent this year, but he obviously needs to be far more consistent in influencing forward contests. Whether that's by timing his crumbing, being more physical in marking contests, or getting to more tackles. He hasn't been very good over the past month, but we really should have older players performing better, pushing him out of the team.
  6. Clarkson is the dream, but realistically I think Ross would be a very smart choice. Twice he has gone to underachieving clubs and immediately shot them up to premiership contenders. Our young midfield will be around for some time, but the likes of Gawn and May don't have forever. We can't hire a new coach and wait multiple years to become contenders. We need someone who can maximise this current group now.
  7. Goodwin apparently thinks it's a good experience to lose a must win game. Has he forgotten the end to the 2016 and 2017 seasons?
  8. Agree with almost every criticism here but I have one more to add. We have one of the best taggers in the comp James Harmes, who has wasted away at half back every game without tagging once this year. The week he comes out injured we decide that tagging is actually a viable tactic, and throw a ball using half forward onto one of the biggest and best contested mids in the game. Fyfe 22 touches and 7 clearances. Melksham 9 touches and 2 clearances. Beyond a joke at this point.
  9. I'm glad that Melbourne have a gin sponsor, but I don't think it's enough. I need Melbourne branded hard drugs to get me through this crap.
  10. We have no method of moving the ball. This has not changed in two entire seasons. Time to give someone else a chance to coach this team.
  11. I really do pray that Goodwin's contract has performance based clauses in it. Bring in Ross the Boss for 2021.
  12. Credit to Goodwin, at least it only took him a half of football to realise he'd made an awful mistake in picking OMac.
  13. Needed to win it that quarter. No way we are kicking 4 goals against a defensive Sydney with the breeze.
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