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  1. Neal-Bullen superb so far. More than a role player now
  2. It's hardly even about points, the picks line up very well with each other. Picks 33 and 45 are slightly worse than 37 and 49. Therefore we think pick 17 must be at least slightly better than out future 1st. I'm not sure it should be.
  3. Can't say I like it. Values our future first at about pick 18, which only occurs if we win the flag again. Hopefully Jason Taylor gets one of the players he must be targeting.
  4. Could be something like our future 1st and future 2nd for 19 and the Gold Coast or Collingwood future 2nd.
  5. With another year of heavily covid interupted football in Melbourne, there should be plenty of talented players out there who haven't developed as much as they otherwise would have. I'd mostly just be backing in Jason Taylor to make some speculative picks and see what sticks. High risk high reward sort of stuff. Aside from developing another young ruckman I think our list is very nicely balanced.
  6. Bedford, Chandler and Laurie will all be looking to overtake him, and he wasn't even in the best 22 himself. We won't expect to get anything in terms of draft picks, but it would be useful to have his contract off the books.
  7. Considering we made an unsuccessful play for Isaac Smith in the offseason, I'd assume there's still a comfortable amount of wiggle room in our cap. I can definitely see there being some issues in a couple of years though. Jackson, Pickett and Rivers will all require significant salary increases, while the likes of Oliver, ANB, Jordon, Sparrow, Fritsch and Petty will also probably demand more. Not many old fellas will be finishing up in this time frame either. Overall I trust the list management team will be right on top of things and keep as much of this talent together as possible.
  8. Was playing well when the VFL season was underway, and can cover ruck, key forward, or key back. Sensible decision.
  9. 12:15 and I finally make it to demonland. Last few hours have been responding to messages from from all the people who know I love the Dees. Even halfway through the third I still thought we'd win, the mental resilience of this team is the complete opposite of what it once was. No need to go early on this and should just enjoy the moment, but I reckon this is the beginning of a DYNASTY!
  10. Unpopular opinion but I don't think the votes in the crows game were too far off the mark. Seedsman really was a clear best on ground, and most of Fritch's goals came in junk time. Oliver got 28 touches but only went at 53% disposal efficiency. Wines a great year but there's really no competetion for him other than Boak. Puts up big stats but not as impactful as Bont or Oliver for mine.
  11. 6. Gawn 5. Petracca 4. Viney 3. Brown 2. Salem 1. Oliver
  12. Centre bounce clearances are a bit of a worry. We've certainly learnt from our round 23 mistakes, but there's still too much space for my liking.
  13. Umps aren't calling too many frees which I'm generally supportive of, especially in finals, but Max is being slaughtered by these green flogs. Should've had about 4 holding frees so far, and also had a bs ruck free called against him.
  14. 6. Oliver 5. Fritsch 4. Neal-Bullen 3. Petracca 2. May 1. Viney Shoutout to Sparrow who didn't make my 6, but played a career best game.
  15. Just completely ignore Cameron yanking Smith by the arm
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