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  1. 12:15 and I finally make it to demonland. Last few hours have been responding to messages from from all the people who know I love the Dees. Even halfway through the third I still thought we'd win, the mental resilience of this team is the complete opposite of what it once was. No need to go early on this and should just enjoy the moment, but I reckon this is the beginning of a DYNASTY!
  2. Unpopular opinion but I don't think the votes in the crows game were too far off the mark. Seedsman really was a clear best on ground, and most of Fritch's goals came in junk time. Oliver got 28 touches but only went at 53% disposal efficiency. Wines a great year but there's really no competetion for him other than Boak. Puts up big stats but not as impactful as Bont or Oliver for mine.
  3. 6. Gawn 5. Petracca 4. Viney 3. Brown 2. Salem 1. Oliver
  4. Centre bounce clearances are a bit of a worry. We've certainly learnt from our round 23 mistakes, but there's still too much space for my liking.
  5. Umps aren't calling too many frees which I'm generally supportive of, especially in finals, but Max is being slaughtered by these green flogs. Should've had about 4 holding frees so far, and also had a bs ruck free called against him.
  6. 6. Oliver 5. Fritsch 4. Neal-Bullen 3. Petracca 2. May 1. Viney Shoutout to Sparrow who didn't make my 6, but played a career best game.
  7. Just completely ignore Cameron yanking Smith by the arm
  8. Riewoldt and Jono Brown trying to justify Toby Greene's bump on the umpire. Seriously give me a break, no room for that crap in the game. Multiple weeks for me.
  9. [censored] Steve Hocking and his stupid rule
  10. Ugh could really just go for an easy win tonight. Brisbane's small forwards have been dangerous and they've been on top in the clearances. Need Maxy to lift, well beaten by Big O that quarter. Nibbler absolutely superb so far, making it look completely dry out there.
  11. What an incredible win, the boys look absolutely pumped. So many games this we've faced adversity and come out on top, let's go the whole [censored] way!
  12. Melksham best game for quite a while. Knows he has to be physical if he's to keep his spot come finals. Vandenberg poor unfortunately. I think Viney can come in and play a similar role to a higher standard, allowing Harmes to keep some more time at the stoppages. Bowey excellent. Lock him in for the rest of the year. ANB played his role to perfection and took difficult opportunities when they presented themselves. Congrats to him on the hard earned 100. Unless Tom Green gets 40+ touches the next two weeks Luke Jackson has now wrapped up the rising star. He's improving in every way, but I think his marking has come on quicker than expected. Struggled with goalkicking in the rain but I still think his technique looks good and we'll see more of what we saw last week with the four goals straight. Trent Rivers yet again a quiet achiever. Positioned well and won contests against more experienced footballers. Also his shot for goal missed but is was an absolute roost. Drop punt from 55 and went a good 15 metres past the goals.
  13. West Coast have underperformed significantly this year, but they still have one of the most talented lists in the league. If their injury issues ease up I could see them building back some consistency and confidence.
  14. For two years I've whinged about Brayshaw not playing in the middle. He's finally figured out how to play wing, and despite not finding huge amounts of the ball, is now a crucial part of our team.
  15. In the postmatch Goodwin said that Salem is struggling with a few niggles with his body. Didn't specify what exactly, but is the same issue that kept him out against Adelaide. Him coming off early was just precautionary as we had the match sealed, and is expected to play next week.
  16. 6: Gawn 5: Petracca 4: Oliver 3: TMac 2: May 1: Spargo
  17. Pickett wouldn't have gotten a free for that
  18. McCluggage just keeps dropping it as soon as he's tackled. Knows the umps don't want to give the quick free kick
  19. Outdid their great first half with a great quarter. We've got the hunger, as long as we take our chances I'll back us in here.
  20. And to think some of you people couldn't imagine us getting back into this, only took 10 minutes. Intensity has stepped up big time, especially in the middle.
  21. Well done by McDonald sucking in that absolute peanut Dayne Zorko
  22. Oliver can be incredible with his hands. That's exactly what we need more of.
  23. Really not too worried about the umpring at all aside from a bit of holding. Many of the lion's free kicks have been for holding the ball. Their tackling has been excellent, while we've been fumbly and not choosing the first option. If we're gonna win this we need more from the midfield, Oliver and Trac can do the damage.
  24. Can't give Cameron anywhere near that much space, really poor
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