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  1. Not sure what was going through my head this morning when I woke up with a sudden urge to drive an hour down the highway to Casey, however as a fellow track watcher today I can most definitely agree with PF's point about our sloppy kicking. Lots of mistakes throughout the whole session (Langdon with quite a few, Bedford too). Although this may be due to training at "the windiest place in Australia" as one tradie that walked past put it. Not sure how training down at Casey in the wind will impact our skills throughout the season and hopefully it may be possible to move back to Gosch's in the near future. Was hoping that their would be some more match simulation today however I believe they moved it to Wednesday because of today's weather conditions. Hopefully I don't cross over too much with PF, but I thought I'd add my two cents. A few points to make mention of: - Tmac was doing some 1on1 contested marking with other key position players (Weid, Petty and Tomlinson), and may be back training as a forward rather than the wing now that Brown is out. - Was good to see Hunt hit all of the kicks I saw him take (unlike many other players). Positive signs as this has been his downfall in recent seasons. He seems more mature and composed this year. - Petty training as a defender and looking very very good. Spent a little bit of time in rehab. He may be competing with Tomlinson for that last key back spot. - It was great to see Gus out there joining in with the main group for the first couple of drills before returning back to rehab. Neita back out running is a great sight as well. - Vanders and Hibbo weren't out on the track however I spotted them doing some work on a bike (with potentially Viney as well). Mitch Brown was doing running and kicking drills on the side as well with Melksham and Bradtke. Kozzie missed the session, although spoke to a staff member and they said there was nothing to worry about there. - Rosman definitely catches the eye and was the draftee I noticed most. A strange kicking technique which can hopefully improve as time goes by. Laurie did some nice things too and was very clean with his hands. - Deakyn Smith was out there training again, although without a number (Farmer already wearing 48) and looked nice. May look likely to get a list spot now that Hore is on the long term injury list. Speaking of Farmer, he did make a few basic handball errors right in front of where I was standing and looks like he has some work to do. - Players split off into two groups at end of session to do running. First group consisted of mostly fringe players (plus Weid, Lever and Jackson) and the second consisted of mostly best 22 players (Sparrow and Petty in this group too). Was a somewhat strange mix of players. The main thing i noticed here was that Burgo included footy's and kicking skills in the first half of the running session, before doing some more straight line running without footy's at the end. A few of the younger boys Sparrow and Rivers impressed me most with their running along with Tmac who led from the front. The 5 first year players sat out of the running and spent time with Chocco. - Didn't notice Trac in the second half of the session and saw him walking around in casual clothes at the conclusion. Hopefully nothing to worry about though! - No snakes sighted! Hopefully I'll get to another session soon. Enjoy.
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