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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. Yes, them as well as the media [censored] !!!!
  2. The blues commentary just exhibited the reason why we dislike 🤮blue baggers - they totally demeaned the MFC, our players and supporters in the usual insight-less arrogant fashion that we have seen from their club and supporters … it was so classless … if Goody played [censored] to the 👹 Boys before a game I would think Jack Viney would walk thru more brick walls than he usually does … others will tell you …. it was played on SEN in the lead up to today’s game and was appalling … our club is so far above that ordinariness … however it was so Carlton 🤮🤮🤮
  3. OK Mr Christian … let’s announce the 5 Lions on report to go directly to the AFL Tribunal…. what a naughty overly soft bump by Coleman boo hoo!!!
  4. Coleman played a fair game …. Only pipped for BOG by 4 umpires , but fair fame for 5th BOG 🤔
  5. Gee …. those umpires were so BRAVE …. they really toiled so hard for their blue baggers … next year boys… u need more dodgy decisions don’t worry boys it will happen one day …. don’t firget your paper bags in the shower lads ….
  6. BEWARE 🦁…. umpires will win this 🏆 … u joke Gil !!!
  7. CRIPPS u are such a [censored] … jumper punch Dees - nothing to see as per Gil’s corrupt exec wan kers
  8. Goody needs to play the SEN Blues tossers call of our game at pre-season …. Our boys would take them apart …. If Jack Viney heard that commentary the baggers would be too scared to take the field !!!
  9. Hey Gil … get the ARC to take it off McCarthy - ….
  10. Time for ur next instruction to umps Gil …. What about a double 50m penalty Gil ???!!!!
  11. AFL umpires BOG for maggies and blues in last 2 games …. they should give them a premiership medal next week …!
  12. Watch the AFL umpires follow thru Gil’s corrupt MO …. this is a total joke …. i want to throw up on Gil 🤮
  13. Have never seen umpiring like these 2 prelims … AFL - u are a corrupt embarrassment!!!!
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