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I’ve got a lot of Melbourne game AFL Records dating from 1997 to 2003.

A couple have autographs, notably Robbie Flower and Jim Stynes, though I particularly like the one from Neil “Froggy” Crompton which included his mobile no.

There’s a list below, a long list. If anyone is interested in any I’ll be keeping them for a couple more weeks, then they hit the recycle bin. Perhaps I’ll keep the autographed ones if no-one else wants them.

Please feel free to email me demonsflag@gmail.com.

1997 Round 1 North Melbourne Melbourne
1997 Round 6 St Kilda Melbourne
1997 Round 12 Melbourne Brisbane
1997 Round 13 Hawthorn Melbourne
1998 Round 2 Melbourne North Melbourne
1998 Round 4 Carlton Melbourne
1998 Round 7 Richmond Melbourne Page 37 Jim Stynes & Bob Johnson
1998 Round 9 Melbourne Essendon
1998 Round 12 Melbourne Geelong
1998 Round 13 Melbourne St Kilda
1998 Round 15 Western Bulldogs Melbourne
1998 Round 16 Melbourne Fremantle PAGE 36 Guy Rigoni & Neil Crompton
1998 Round 17 North Melbourne Melbourne
1998 Round 18 Melbourne Brisbane
1998 Round 19 Melbourne Carlton Page 36 Frank Davis
1998 Round 21 Melbourne Sydney
1998 Qualifying Final 1 Melbourne Adelaide Page 45 Robert Flower
1999 Ansett Cup Melbourne St Kilda
1999 Round 1 Melbourne Richmond
1999 Round 2 St Kilda Melbourne
1999 Round 4 Melbourne Hawthorn
1999 Round 5 Melbourne Port Adelaide
1999 Round 9 Carlton Melbourne
1999 Round 10 Melbourne Fremantle
1999 Round 11 Collingwood Melbourne
1999 Round 12 Melbourne Kangaroos
1999 Round 13 Melbourne Adelaide
1999 Round 17 Melbourne St Kilda
1999 Round 18 Melbourne Geelong
1999 Round 22 Essendon Melbourne
2000 Round 4 Melbourne St Kilda
2000 Round 7 Melbourne West Coast Eagles
2000 Round 9 Melbourne Essendon
2000 Round 10 Melbourne Brisbane
2000 Round 12 Western Bulldogs Melbourne
2000 Round 14 Melbourne Collingwood
2000 Round 15 Hawthorn Melbourne
2000 Round 16 Melbourne Richmond
2000 Round 18 Melbourne Sydney
2000 Round 19 St Kilda Melbourne
2000 Round 20 Melbourne Fremantle
2000 Round 21 Melbourne Geelong
2000 Qualifying Final 2 Carlton Melbourne
2000 Preliminary Final Melbourne Kangaroos
2000 Grand Final Essendon Melbourne
2001 Round 14 Melbourne Kangaroos
2001 Round 17 Melbourne Adelaide
2001 Round 18 Geelong Melbourne
2002 Round 1 Hawthorn Melbourne
2002 Round 2 Melbourne Port Adelaide
2002 Round 3 Richmond Melbourne
2002 Round 4 Melbourne West Coast Eagles
2002 Round 5 Western Bulldogs Melbourne
2002 Round 9 Melbourne Kangaroos
2002 Round 11 Melbourne Collingwood
2002 Round 12 Melbourne Adelaide
2002 Round 13 Essendon Melbourne
2002 Round 20 Melbourne Western Bulldogs
2002 Round 21 Melbourne Sydney
2002 Elim Final 2 Melbourne Kangaroos
2002 2nd Semi Final Adelaide Melbourne
2003 Round 3 Melbourne Western Bulldogs
2003 Round 6 Melbourne West Coast Eagles
2003 Round 9 Melbourne Fremantle
2003 Round 15 Kangaroos Melbourne
2003 Round 16 Hawthorn Melbourne
2003 Round 17 Melbourne Essendon
2003 Round 18 Western Bulldogs Melbourne

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Lol mine go back to 1994. Have Tim Waston and his young family, showing an early photo of a disgraced Brownlow “winner.”

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    OVERPOWERED by George on the Outer

    If there was ever a prime example of a team of players not ready for the new football season it was Melbourne in the opening round of 2019.   Throughout the field there was just too much evidence of players who haven’t had sufficient pre-season or players who ordinarily wouldn’t have even graced the field at this early stage.   The Demons also got a lesson on selection with Port Adelaide showing that two ruckmen on the field is an essential for this season.  It was a lesson that should

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    THE WELCOME GAME by Whispering Jack

    The Melbourne Football Club has moved forward in leaps and bounds since it last met Port Adelaide in a totally forgettable (for Demon fans) season opener on the MCG.  That game, played on Sunday, 31 March, 2013 before a crowd of 22,924, was supposed to be a close encounter between two of the competition’s lesser lights from the previous season when the Power had finished 14th and the Demons 16th (ahead only of AFL newbies Gold Coast and GWS). It turned into a slaughter with Port taking the

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    THE WALKING WOUNDED by Paddy Gosch

    Forget the fact that Melbourne narrowly missed out on getting the four JLT points on offer for a second consecutive week and the blow to the ego of a supposed top four contender losing ... well almost at home ... to a team that has recently dwelt in the AFL cellar and won a mere five games in 2018. The things that emerged from the horror final JLT outing was that the Demons are a long way from being prepared to take on the rigours of a long tough season in which they have one of the hardest fixt

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    The Demons have named a star studded line up in it’s final practice match before the season proper. They take on the emerging Brisbane Lions out at Casey which is the second of three matches at the ground on Saturday. Many of the Dees best 22 have been recalled including Vice Captains Max Gawn and Neville Jetta whilst Captains Nathan Jones and Jack Viney will play restricted minutes in the VFL curtain raiser. Former Gold Coast co-captain Steven May will play his first official game for Melb

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    HIT OUT by Paddy Gosch

    As far as preseason hit outs go, the Demons’ first JLT Community Series fixture against the Tigers in the blistering heat at Shepparton, was instructive of a number of things but not really conclusive as to how each team will fare in the regular season against the competition's big guns (which includes against each other). That’s the way these practice match hit outs go. Neither of the teams was at full strength, particularly Melbourne but if you were looking for the reason for the 12 point

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    HOT OUT OF THE CITY by Paddy Gosch

    The Dees travel out of the city for game one of two JLT Community Series practice matches before the season proper. Our first match takes us to the floodplains of the Goldburn River in Northern Victoria to the city of Shepparton. We take on the Tigers for the first of at least 3 encounters with the 2017 Premiers this year. The game will be played in scorching temperatures so expect plenty of rotations, ice vests, fans running overtime and extra water carriers. The Demons are coming off a wi

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    Match Previews

    GAME, SET & SCRATCH by Paddy Gosch

    I always believe in starting off any report by accentuating the positive and in that regard, as at the time of writing, the Demons have not reported any injuries so that’s my major positive from today’s practice game v the Magpies (albeit that we know the club is somewhat lax in reporting these things so my best wishes go out if any of today’s participants are in intensive care at the Alfred).  Another positive was that Razor Ray performed his umpiring duties admirably which is more than I

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    SCRATCH by Paddy Gosch

    The Demons are set to take on the old enemy Collingwood in a good old fashioned Scratch Match on Friday Morning. It is unknown what form the match will take, how many quarters there will be, their length, the amount of rotations or even whether they'll keep score. One thing we do know for sure is that both coaching staffs will be keeping their cards close to their chests to ensure neither will glean too much from their competition. The Dees will likely be without some of their stars as Tom

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    IMAGINE by Whispering Jack

    The Demons made their official return to the training track for 2019 on a sunny Saturday morning at Goschs Paddock with most of the interest initially centred on a small patch of ground in one of the pockets where the rehab group was going through the paces. Some good pieces of news on that score. The  rehab group is considerably smaller than it was prior to the Christmas break with Christian Petracca (knee), James Harmes (shoulder), Jayden Hunt (shoulder), Neville Jetta (shoulder), Oscar M

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