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  1. I’ve got a lot of Melbourne game AFL Records dating from 1997 to 2003.A couple have autographs, notably Robbie Flower and Jim Stynes, though I particularly like the one from Neil “Froggy” Crompton which included his mobile no.There’s a list below, a long list. If anyone is interested in any I’ll be keeping them for a couple more weeks, then they hit the recycle bin. Perhaps I’ll keep the autographed ones if no-one else wants them.Please feel free to email me [email protected] Round 1 North Melbourne Melbourne1997 Round 6 St Kilda Melbourne1997 Round 12 Melbourne Brisbane1997 Round 13 H
  2. Yes, realised as soon as I posted I'd included the wrong link, hence the almost immediate edit to my post. Looks like I wasn't quite quick enough for some eagle eyes.
  3. Found AGM info on the club website without problem as I do each year. Not quite sure why you're all pulling your hair out when the required information is there for all to see as required.
  4. Sadly, although I have him on ignore, his posts keep creeping in.
  5. "Prima Donna" was what you were looking for. Sorry but tonight I can't put up with wording/grammar mistakes. I've done it for years on end and tonight I refuse. Sorry it was you.
  6. thanks sam. who was it who broke their leg in their first year? How serious were you about being at Melbourne. Don't blame us.
  7. Anybody else seen the significance of Liam playing with the Tiwi bombers. Can we see some Austin W influence. Let's hope so.
  8. You might as well just rename this thread Demonology. The boys club is ripping into anyone who expresses a differing opinion the same way it did over there.
  9. Not a chance of a record as The No T$ No B$ Thread is up to post 6072!!!!
  10. Never been a thief in my life, but,stole your second paragraph and sent it to the afl. Well hope I sent it to the afl, because it's probably the best paragraph I've read on here in two years.
  11. Not sure how it's possible to even put Woey in the same sentence, breath, life, world, existence with the no 1 p_ick, Woey's a Demon great and a great Demon, then there's the p_ick.
  12. Weigh it up....them -v- us. them (paycheque) -v- us (love), me lots of beer.
  13. From Twitter 18 min into 2nd Qrt @CaseyScorpions 3.3 to @Essendon_VFL 2.4 #PJVFL #goscorps
  14. and I wish I could be 17 again........................
  15. If that's the case then I've been the equivalent to a whipping girl for nigh on 54 years. As I said I had my say in the email I sent to the club last night, and yes I demanded more .
  16. Count me out of your 99%. As bad as I felt after yesterday and still feel today, there's not a bone in my body or a red a blue blood cell running through my veins that would make me get anywhere near the negative and pessamistic sentiments I read on here daily. I Love my club and support 100% those that run it at present. I've sent off my email telling them what I think. My first and last bagging happened yesterday at the ground when I actually offended myself by bagging my own team like a "rabid" supporter of any other club. I'll keep on reading Demonland and sometimes I'll agree with what I
  17. "Much disrespect shown to Brad Green by playing the Adelaide theme song while he was being chaired from the ground. Thanks MCC" Posted this message on MCC Facebook page last night and received this reply. Melbourne Cricket Club Hi Kathleen. Thanks for the feedback. We agree with you. While the scoreboard operators were right to play the winning team's song after the game, which is the directive from the AFL, the decision to play it during Brad Green's departure from the field was inappropriate. We'll be discussing this with them in our event review.
  18. Ah Bluey, welcome to Demonland.Been to a Melbourne game yet this year?
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