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AFLW: Rd 3 Vs Fremantle in Perth

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23 hours ago, Lucifer's Hero said:

A lot of rough stuff was dished out by Freo in this game and 4 Freo players have been given reprimands http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-02-19/aflw-bans-for-star-blue-crow-and-magpie

Freo targetted us after quarter time to upset our rhythm and it worked.  At the weekend I noticed that Carlton and especially Collingwood also played rough.  They will follow Freo's example and come after us in the coming weeks.  Umpires need to start paying frees for all the head strikes, jumping on top of players on the ground and other acts designed to injure.

But we also need to return fire when roughed up.  We can't continue to 'play nice'.   vs Freo we tried to keep up our fast, skillful game and it didn't work against a fairly constant physical barrage.   They knocked us around then ran off with the ball.

I agree. We've probably been the most 'disciplined' team in this regard over the first two seasons. While I like our composure and ability not to get sucked into that stuff unnecessarily, there's a time and a place for a bit of niggle and flying the flag for teammates. Duryea is probably the only one I can think of who's shown that kind of mongrel at times, and you don't necessarily want it in your last line of defense!

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Any news on Cat Phillips' injury?

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