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Found 3 results

  1. Round 1, 2022 MCG - Demons vs Bulldogs Tracc backs up his amazing NS performance of 7.55 with a 7.35! Top 5 Meters Gained > Tracc 869 (Doggy's best...Macrae with 569), Clarry 549, Langden 446, May 384 & Viney 329 Have left Salem out as he played only 13% game time. Haven't watched the second half replay but Harmes must have turned things around pretty well in the second half to end up in the top 10 here. Nice result Jackson! Team score approx 5% off that of the average team score of the top 22 players from last year. Not bad given the outs down back and the loss of Salem early in the match. Player Score Rank C Petracca 7.350 1 C Oliver 5.125 2 Jack Viney 4.150 3 Ed Langdon 3.875 4 Alex N-Bullen 3.525 5 J Harmes 3.450 6 L Jackson 3.325 7 A Brayshaw 3.250 8 Ben Brown 3.150 9 Max Gawn 2.950 10 Steven May 2.825 11 James Jordon 2.675 12 Tom Sparrow 2.250 13 Joel Smith 2.200 14 T McDonald 2.150 15 Jayden Hunt 1.975 16 Jake Bowey 1.850 17 Toby Bedford 1.825 18 Charlie Spargo 1.700 19 Bayley Fritsch 1.675 20 K Pickett 1.650 21 A Tomlinson 0.975 22 Team Score 63.90 Top 6 27.48 Bottom 6 9.68 # Hit outs to advantage not captured Stats courtesy of footywire.com
  2. Rnd 1, 2021 MCG - Demons vs Dockers Back to the G and our first first round win since St Kilda at Etihad in 2017. Will certainly take that. Clarry back to somewhere near his usual standard after quarter time in his 100th. Statistically on top yet again. Some over use by hand IMHO vs the more effective "burst from congestion then share" style i would like to see but he did max out what few clearances we had (again) with 7. May & Lever the red wall down back and little Charlie bobs up in the top 4! Ed busting another gut on his wing coming in 5th. Nice game from T-Mac who i feared the game may have passed by based on last season but movement and finish seemed to be back somewhat. Much room for improvement, however the first round often sees a number of rusty entrees! Hibb & Viney the likely must ins this week if fit, possibly for Sparrow and Rivers or Hunt, but who knows. Player Score Rank Clayton Oliver 5.775 1 Steven May 4.175 2 Jake Lever 3.925 3 Charlie Spargo 3.825 4 Ed Langdon 3.550 5 Christian Petracca 3.325 6 Adam Tomlinson 3.025 7 Nathan Jones 2.975 8 Christian Salem 2.550 9 Bayley Fritsch 2.450 10 Angus Brayshaw 2.425 11 Tom Sparrow 2.375 12 Jayden Hunt 2.175 13 Neville Jetta 2.175 13 Tom McDonald # 2.050 15 James Jordan 2.000 16 Kysaiah Pickett 1.975 17 James Harmes 1.850 18 Max Gawn # 1.800 19 Luke Jackson # 1.550 20 Alex N-Bullen 1.525 21 Trent Rivers 0.950 22 Team Score 58.43 Top 6 24.58 Bottom 6 9.65 # Hit outs to advantage not captured Stats courtesy of footywire.com
  3. G'day fellow minions. Well it's been the most unusual start to any season i can ever recall and much of the time the true tale of the what and the how, in terms of individual & team performance, is best left to the coaches, experts and what we see with the naked eye on the field. But there's no harm in throwing in a few stats, useless or otherwise, as a bit of a sideshow / discussion point is there? Ok, feel free to commence rant against how useless stats are....here ? Not that some of you will need much encouraging! And no i'm not advocating that stats in any way (on there own) are an appropriate indicator of performance. But when linked to the watching of a game in full they can sometimes act as a slight guide in either a plausible trend and/or a stand out performance / underperformance by both individuals and/or or the team as a whole. Emphasis on sometimes. In most cases not so, but no harm in taking a look provided we keep stats in context of their limited capability of telling the full and true story. In the end they can't and don't, as so much more happens on the field of play it would be folly to think otherwise. Anyway here's a bit of a belated update from Rnd 1. As you will see below, the team performance vs West Coast looks to have dropped off a cliff vs the 2019 average (which was 59.623), by 25%. On the surface that would appear to be extremely alarming given the wonderful year that was 2019! But after adjusting for the reduction in time played, post CV19, that 25% drop off is actually only 5%. But then again...any drop off from 2019 is actually bloody alarming surely! The counter argument is, one match result is not an average so we need to wait at least 6 to 8 rounds before we hit the panic button. However, it's something i'll be looking into as the season progresses and i'll try to update as soon as i can after each match. Player / Team Score - Round 1 vs West Coast Eagles (Optus Stadium) Player Score Rank Jack Viney 5.625 1 Jay Lockhart 3.575 2 Clayton Oliver 3.250 3 James Harmes 3.100 4 Max Gawn # 2.950 5 Ed Langdon 2.925 6 Christian Petracca 2.800 7 Angus Brayshaw 2.325 8 Alex N-Bullen 2.050 9 Oscar McDonald 2.000 10 Jake Lever 1.850 11 Jake Melksham 1.700 12 Steven May 1.575 13 Tom McDonald # 1.450 14 Michael Hibberd 1.300 15 Kysaiah Pickett 1.300 16 Adam Tomlinson 1.250 17 Neville Jetta 1.200 18 Toby Bedford 1.150 19 Bayley Fritsch 0.900 20 Mitchell Brown 0.625 21 Charlie Spargo -0.250 22 Team Score 44.650 Top 6 21.425 Bottom 6 4.875 # Hit outs to advantage not accounted for Rnd 2 to follow shortly....
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