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  1. Fairly late with this thread as there was little of interest to show. Incredible lack of passion and enthusiasm for their team, a new season or the game. Not even after May's likely out did they get very excited. If that is any guide, not expecting many WBD fans at the game. From WOOF Forum. Game thread caption is Melbourne, The Reality Check! Will be a huge test against the Dees. I read about Grundy & Gawn and I guess I'm not surprised they got a few goals in a pre-season match. I'm still not shaking in my boots about Grundy up forward... I think we'll match them and our forward firepower will win us the day. They worked so hard to gut run and outnumber the Tigers on the weekend. They created overlap and had multiple options moving the ball forward for large parts of the game. At times it was a training drill. Richmond aren't slouches the Dees look good and are going to be a challenge. Hunter isn’t the best anything in the AFL anymore my man. Unless he’s had the best pre season ever or access to a Delorean he’s probably the player I’m 19th or 20th most worried about. Oliver, Petracca, Fritsch, Gawn - limiting their influence goes a long way to banking the four points. We generally play the MCG fairly well. Having Naughton/Marra hit up the wings will be important at different stages, but the bigger ground should help us isolate the talls in the forward 50. From Bigfooty: Game thread caption is Hyped up Dees v the land of the giants. The major worry here is as always the midfield battle, If we win in the trenches given we now have a vastly superior forward line to theirs and one that can actually now stretch their defence it will come down to how much we can limit their opportunities going forward and if we have learnt to stop teams getting massive run on's against us. The last side to go into most H&A games with 4 tall forwards were the Crows when they made the granny. Dees look pretty settled and ready to fire. Hunter will provide them with some pretty major scouting reports on us I'd say. Massive for the Dees will be a fit Tom McDonald who was a key role-player in 2021. English and Lobb going up against G&G is a massive problem for us. Whilst we did it easy in the praccy game we were still out-tapped by Goldstein and Xerri. Bad signs. We’re looking pretty switched on too, so I see it being a hard fought close contest and wouldn’t surprise if either team win by a small margin. Hoping it’s us, but would settle (reluctantly) for a narrow loss. Won’t be able to stomach a similar result to the same match last year. Confident that won’t happen though. Lobb and Marra both gave Petty a bath in games last year. Will be interesting if that repeats or if Marra or Darcy can take full advantage of getting someone like Trent Rivers if Lever isn’t more accountable. May is one of the best full backs, Lever is pretty good but I think Liam Jones will be better. Long way from best wing combo Hunter is past his best. Agree best ruck combo. Pickett is inconsistent and long way behind Papley. Agree Fristch in top 3. We may be lacking quality smalls but Naughton and Marra are quick on the deck, they can make May and Lever look like dinosaurs. Just need to get the ball to ground and we will be fine. My real worry is the the Dees out run us late in quarters. Fritsch gives me nightmares He is the only one in their forward line that worries me He'll score 3 goals in 5mins and you will be like wtf just happened…Sucks so bad. I watched the Demons play the Tigers in the practice match. Their ball movement was incredibly slick; they were humming like a well-oiled machine. They didn't even seem to have any of the normal early-season rust. That's what scares me more than any of their individual players. On pure talent Melb, even with all their outs are still ahead of us. Gawn, Oliver & petracca is still better than anything we have in midfield. That's where the game will be decided. My Favourite: Good to see on this Bulldogs thread that some sensible comments can be made about Melbourne, unlike the sh*tshow mega threads over on their threads. Kudos fellow Bulldogs. OMG!! At least our threads have passion and good analysis and we don't abuse our opps! I didn't print the nastier comments. Dees by three goals!
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