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  1. Give up ! Not likely. I'll put it on the record that I reckon Baker has been treated harshly & deserves a run. If he doesn't get a go I predict he'll go elsewhere & make a decent career. If he doesn't I'll be happy to concede u were right & I was wrong.
  2. You sound a bit cranky there Nev. I stand by my comments. Baker is a specialist winger & super quick & should have been the obvious replacement. He got one game last year & was fair but got dropped the next week. ANB & Spargo were very poor week after week yet the selectors stuck with them.
  3. I fully agree but sadly Baker seems to be on the outer. Spargo, Harmes, Jordon & Sparrow were all given a number of consecutive games to get experience & confidence whereas Baker has received few opportunities. I hope he goes to another Club & makes a go of it.
  4. Good review & generally excellent recommendations. My only comment was that re The Board & Club operations I was less interested in diversity & more interested in the skills & competence of those involved.
  5. Sorry mate but you haven't got a clue. Its a tough competition & any side is capable of an upset on any given day. 10 wins straight this year & still you are having a sook.
  6. I was wrong & you are correct his arms are free. However absolutely reckless to pile drive him 6 inches into the ground. Arguably even more dangerous than a sling tackle. If its not illegal it should be.
  7. He pinned his arms & pile drove him into the ground. This is virtually the same as a sling tackle. If its not illegal it should be.
  8. Yes Melk was pretty ordinary. Thought Bedford & Dunstan were also pretty ordinary & failed to take their chances.
  9. That's pretty unfair. And its hardly bewildering as his form at Casey has been excellent playing on ball & fwd and he was solid when he filled in against Hawthorn. And I doubt they will drop him on 199 games.
  10. Because he's the obvious replacement & in good form. Harmes is predominantly a tagging on baller who can kick handy goals.
  11. Having watched Casey all year I'd have thought Dunstan was the obvious replacement with Melk a close second. I'm sure the 200 games came into the equation.
  12. Fair enough. However I'd rather be Grenada than a serial windbag who puts everyone to sleep by the 3rd paragraph. 😁
  13. Ahem - I think you & Flaubert should maybe get a room.
  14. Poor old HL made more in 10 years at the Pies than I earned in my working life but I hear lattes are very expensive in the US so maybe you & the Demonland woke brigade could set up a GoFundMe page to help him out.
  15. Yes but fortunately the number of people that support or believe something has no impact on whether something is true or not. And I don't think decent people secretly tape a private conversation and then without consent leak selected parts to the public.
  16. Are you trying for "woke of the year" or a PhD A Bible length melange of half baked assertions & crackpot theories. Are you Colin Flaubert posting under another name ? Can't believe how much sympathy this entitled prat is receiving. We dodged a bullet when he left the Dees early.
  17. Superior ruck work - you must be kidding 🤣 Sam's ruck work is woeful & at boundary throw ins he is probably the worst in the AFL.
  18. I'd love to see them pick the best design over the last 5-10 years & stick with that permanently. Maybe they sell more by changing design every year.
  19. Nah I only get cranky with the serial windbag, historical revisionists and chardonnay socialists that use Demonland to lecture to the rest of us.
  20. Historical footnote. I was living in Darwin in the early 1980's & involved in the local footy. I wrote to the MFC to tell them that there were a lot of talented Aboriginal players in the NT & suggested that Melbourne should look at recruiting some of the local talent in particular the Rioli boys. Ray wrote back & thanked me for the info & said they were aware of the local talent pool & were monitoring things however nothing came of it.
  21. Absolute revisionist BS. He was a $300,000 a year player getting paid $500,000 a year. If he had agreed to be paid what he was worth he probably could have stayed on. Apart from 2000 he was a completely average, ordinary player. Even Collingwood woke up & delisted him shortly after.
  22. I don't have much sympathy for Shane. His management had us over a barrel because Jeff Farmer had left & leveraged a very fat contract for Shane who was a solid player who happened to have 1 great season. He was being paid way overs. If he'd agreed to be paid what he was worth he could have stayed at Melbourne. So if he was cranky with the Club who cares.
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