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  1. Not much to add to the Harmes and Viney thread, other than they left Fritch out. Someone needs too explain to Viney, you must move the ball forward at all costs. Don't grab it and put it under your arms and expect that you will not be tackled.

    Fritch, really needs to run to the ball our ball carriers. Just some simple skill and technical ideas.

  2. I must admit that I am mystified that are rucks are so dominant and our do not take advantage at nearly every stoppage. I agree give it to Spargo and Jordan both can deliver the ball to a player on the lead. ANB is a good toiler however his delivery into the 50 is suspect and so has Jones. I think strategy and game plan will adapt with the new rule. I think every coach is still trying to identify how to safely get the ball out into the open. Richmond does it best at present. In a congested situation, it is clear that the players have been drilled to always hand ball forward no matter what. You can see this in how they nearly always have a minimum linkage of two to three players that run forward almost immediately. Lets watch and see how next week unfolds. 

  3. Mahoney's professionalism through some of the worst periods of the MFC history has been outstanding. He and the recruiting team have been ahead of the game when it comes to obtaining the best possible draft position each year. He and his team have not gone about drafting the best available. They have chosen the best available for the Melbourne Football Club and the team. 

    I believe he will be missed. Essendon have gained a very good strategist.  

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  4. Decided I would have a Scotch before the last quarter and went to bed. 

    Not much change from the Bullies game; other than they played more man on man football to stop the Saints run. This is why the Saints were held up so often in their attempt to move the ball quickly.

    Smashed in the centre again. Nothing new in that space. I would simply say to Gawn don't bother jumping mate and be the additional ground ball player. The midfield group have very little ability to move/release the ball to another player with and prefer to try and barge through (Viney) when it is in their best interest to knock it forward.

    River's, he is a good player. Loved the way he is able to play the ground ball. Rather than drag it in and lay on the ball. He hands it to the opposition then knocks it out of their hands and repeats until a ball up is called.

    Once again the ball carrier is not protected with blocks, and is constantly in danger from own fire because everyone wants to get a touch. Why not tackle or run into our own players? Seems like a plan. 

    We play a much better game when Jackson is in the side. As far as I am concerned is a much better and smarter footballer now than the King brothers. The commentators were having some form of erotic verbal moment every time he went near the ball. Taylor got this selection 100% correct and the Rivers well, as I mentioned before, the boy has an IQ and can play!

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  5. I went to the game last week. One of the floors to our set up once the we had kicked a behind (our own) was that the team or coaching panel could not stop the opposition full back from pin pointing a pass into the pocket to a loose doggies player. Who would then pass it on to another doggies player and then they were out. Sitting in the stands it was so obvious and yet rather than man up in forward line so as to stop this transition, they were happy to let it go and each time this was an easy exit with at least three goals coming from this play. It was horrible to watch. I am pretty sure the forward line coach had no idea what was happening. 

    I feel for big Sam, in any other team he would kick four to five goals per game. It is horrible to watch the shear waste. Our speed in transition was as like watching a slow motion train wreck.

    Once again handballs going backwards and if not going backwards six meters into the air with the opposition standing right next to our player who was standing still or running backwards to try and make a contest.

     The back flankers (Hibb) butchered kick after kick going into the forward line and was one of the doggies better players.

    The center bounce / throw up. What have our ruck-man to do? Once again tap after tap direct to the opposition and they easily moved the ball in attack with out a hand being laid on them. Our mid field if first to the ball would cough it up with ease. They simply do not know how to move the ball by tapping on to a player in a better position. Once again the mid field did nothing but fight each other for the ball.

    Hibbo should have been dropped not Lockart. Tomlinson is not a defender nor is Harmes. Harmes can't hit a target and nor can Hibbo.

    Don't get me started on Melksham. How does a senior player kick it into the man on the mark from 30 meters out?



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  6. In my living memory the number 2 was the best player in the VFL. My friends and I (who all followed other teams) would go only to watch the number 2. His quickness of mind, body and skills were something to behold. I went to a game and watched Steve Smith kick out, after a behind was scored 17 times to a contest on the wing, and the number 2 would either mark it or bring it to ground and still be able to win the contest. His freaky ability to run towards a marking contest and then turn to face the ball and leap, vertically, in-front of the opposition just as the ball arrived is a skill that I have not seen any other VFL player or AFL player emulate. He had the most amazing ability to read the flight of the ball. I think you are able to see this skill in replays.

    I remember watching WOS (Sunday Morning after all the Saturday games) Sheedy was a panelist. He quoted on TV that he thought number 2 was the best player in the VFL at the time. The beauty of this is that it is on tape.  

  7. No amount of media, supporter and internal berating will help this team. 

    From everything we know the players have trained and have demonstrate the skills required on the training track. They simply are not able to transfer the basic's from the training track to an actual game.

    The very basic skills, pick the ball up rather than fumble all the time, hand ball to player on the run or more than 3 meters away, shepherd the player that is over the ball, rather than try and grab it out of his hands and kick the ball to a leading player. These are the very basic skills that this team cannot do in a game. 

    I watched the top sides and they are clean with the ball and most importantly they are coached to provide space by shepherding at center bounces and in all contests to provide time for the person playing the ball to execute a skill better or cleanly. 

    The next disaster is that if a player is kicking long to a contest, we should players front center and around the contest. The number of times we see a kick to the contest; say from full back to Max. He is the only player at the contest and there is a minimum of three to four opposition players around him and not a Melbourne midfield player in site. These are the basics, just watch Richmond and the better teams do this verbatim. 

    Finally when we have the ball our field kicking is atrocious; this is due to two factors. The first is that our small forwards think it is a plan to always stand behind the backs hoping for the easy ball over the top, rather than leading towards the ball carrier. Two, they have no faith in the person with ball in hand  to kick it to them on the lead.

    To be honest this team would win more games by just kicking it off the ground at the contest in the direction of the goal rather than waste time in trying to pick the ball up and then kick or hand ball to the opposition. At least by kicking it of the ground there is a 50/50 chance that it may end up in the hands of the team mate, whilst in later you can be sure it will only end up it the hands of the opposition.

     These issues are not the Coaches problems, because no matter how hard you try and train the players to perform the skill, if the players do not have the brains to carry these skills out on the field of play then it will never change.

    Richmond kept their coach but got rid of players that could not perform the basic skills required in a game no matter how talented they may have been on the training track.


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  8. Kicking to position or advantage. There has been so much written about this skill or lack of skill. 

    The game on Sunday and the previous loss kicks from the midfield or back line have been average to say the least.

    The number one priority for kicking to advantage is that the player you want to kick too is playing in front, running to a position in front of the opponent. 

    I would like to count up the times that our forwards were not in front, but waiting behind for either the ball that comes over the top or to try and take the big pack mark. In most of these instances the ball just dropped to front and we had no one around the pack.

    Then look at Richmond's movement forward. I would count that at least 80% of their licks went to advantage. The player could run onto the ball. Our back once again played from behind. If you are in front you always have the advantage. To many times we had three and four players competing against one or two players and we had no one on the ground to mop up. This happened in the forward line as well.

    Don't get me started on the half meter hand balls to someone standing still or going in the wrong direction. It is true the players are trying to play to fast. The simple matter is why on earth did the player who is half a meter away not provide a Shepard. I noticed how Richmond did this often in close to provide the ball carrier with more time. Such a simple skill but the Dee's not smart enough to understand. I believe it may be about possessions and not the team thing.

  9. I was happy to donate to this cause. I am a rusted on supporter. I fortunately have not been impacted by the COVID 19 situation and I feel for all of the individuals that have been and more importantly for those that have lost the battle with this decease. 

    Perhaps gentleman you should think that you are lucky to continue to support the club, which in many ways supports all of us with joy and frustrations. I have not been happier watching and listening to the optimism and closeness  shown by all those involved in the club from the Board to the male and female players. They have embraced the desire to do well or be as good as they can be.

    I do not often comment on the discussion boards, however I am do comment when I feel certain members are once again playing in the wrong game. The club is the most transparent I have ever known it to be in my 50 odd years of support. We must retain our optimism, or all is lost. 


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