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  1. Well done. I was wrong you certainly deserved that 3 year contract. Also.... I'm drunk. So [censored] you.
  2. I hate it. I hate it that this team deserves this. I hate you Isaac Smith. I hate you Joel Selwood. I hate you Patrick Dangerfield. I hate you Tom Hawkins. But more than anything, I hate it that you deserve this.
  3. I was thinking that the doggies third rounder was basically nothing to be honest. So agree with you on the value front. Maybe it's a fourth rounder as a token gesture? I dont want Bruce. Tomlinson recovered way better than Bruce did. Bruce looked totally cooked this year.
  4. Great fit for the Doggies. Fingers crossed this happens for all involved. 1. Demons get salary cap space and no doubt an extra third round pick. 2. Bulldogs get a KPD that they desperately need. 3. Tomlinson gets a chance to be best 22 in a team who will challenge.
  5. Yes. You would. Bowes is a decent pickup. Pick 7 sounds too good to be true. I would think we would need to throw in a future 2nd rounder or something like that. A team finishing where we did and getting pick 7 for a bit of salary cap space would be a fantastic result.
  6. Came in as a late replacement for JK in our game this year. Looked alright when he had his moments. Just think the moments were a bit too few. He has pinch hit in the ruck too. He might be a decent rookie pick.
  7. Hard to comprehend that GC need salary cap relief that badly. I just can't see a world where Gold Coast need to offload players due to salary cap pressure and we would be in a position to take advantage of it. Tim Lamb will deserve a huge bonus if he has managed our list that well.
  8. He had a shoulder injury in January this year that required surgery which kept him out for four months. He played 5 games towards the back half of the year. He played 19 games in 2021 and was a mainstay in the team in the years preceding with around 15 games a year.
  9. I'm not disagreeing with you. But there are only 23 spots on the list per game. You have to take into account that we had a good core group of players ready to go by 2015. We have then; 1.Traded in multiple best 23 players 2. Drafted very well in our first and second rounds. 3. Played pretty much the same best 23 players for three years straight. You can argue that the third point is because no late picks have been good enough to push for selection. Or you could argue that it's because we nailed the first two points I listed and there isnt room for a late pick player to make it to 50 games. If you had to choose, you would choose to get the first 2 things right than worry about the later picks.
  10. He's a free agent. I would guess we would get a 2nd round compo pick which would be around 45ish. Doubt he leaves.
  11. That was also 40 years ago when defenders were only 188cm too.
  12. Nice. Genuinely happy that North have attracted some talent. (Some talent that I didn't want)
  13. Has anyone seen Nudge and GNF in the same room together at the same time?
  14. Nope. Can see him making an impact next year at the pointy end if we manage him a bit better than we did this year. This might mean we give him a bit more time off at the start of the year
  15. Its not just a choice of Melksham or pick 90 though. There are other options out there. Sometimes it's worth taking a punt on a delisted free agent. It doesnt look like anything has been officially announced so maybe there is still a bit to work through.
  16. Highly doubtful that West Coast would give up next year's first rounder. They should bounce back next year a little bit but it would be a high pick. I would hate being a west coast supporter if they started the year poorly knowing they gave up a top 5 pick.
  17. Must have a few kids who have requested trades if we are keeping Melksham. Would have preferred to turn the list over than keep him but will reserve my final opinion at the end of list changes.
  18. What? Edit: I assume you mean that his base level is so low that he will never make the level. Because your post is incorrect.
  19. At no point in my post or in the season at any point did I say anything even remotely close to JVR being a saviour so I assume you have quoted my post as a more general vibe of Demonlands hopes on JVR. To clarify my opinion, I think the players we selected against Brisbane were the correct choices. The team we put out there were our clear best players. They issue was that a number of them were playing injured and couldn't run out the game at the important part of the season. I've mentioned in other threads that we put these players out there to give ourselves the best chance of going back to back but we probably underestimated the demands on a long season to our players as it had worked last year. I love the positive talk about JVR, but also think that supporters think that his VFL form will translate more or less directly to AFL. We have seen with Weideman and Mitch Brown that they can dominate at Casey and do sweet [censored] all at senior level. It would have been great to have given him a taste of AFL level at some point this year. It could have been 2 games and he would have been better for it knowing how hard the higher level is. I agree with part of your Watts analogy. Watts should have been introduced into the season at a suitable time to give him a taste. He wasn't. Schwab was desperate for anything to market the club and pushed the saviour thing even though Dean Bailey had said only a few weeks before that he wasn't ready. JVR isn't Watts and we are the same club. He could have easily been introduced to the team around the middle of the season for a few games without the fanfare.
  20. Our Draft hand this year atm. 32, 41, 50, 63, 68 1st Round - Nill 2nd Round - 32 (Melb) 584 points. 3rd Round - 41 (Adelaide) 412 points , 50 (Melb) 273 points 4th Round - 63 (Saints) 112 points , 68 (Melb) 59 points Combined Points - 1,440
  21. Where do we end up finishing on the ladder after finals? 5th or 6th? The JVR trade will end up being Pick 17 (19 after academy father sons) for Pick 13 or 14. Caveat: There are more little details to this trade but essentially it is the above.
  22. Trading future firsts has been great for us but there are risks involved that need to be considered. The benefit is that we get a player in a year earlier and are able to give them 12 months development in our system. The risk is that we may tumble down the ladder and give up a high draft pick. The risk was lower this year due to our playing list being relatively well placed to finish higher up the ladder this year. We are now at the point that we will need to play some more developing players, both for nessissity and due to the players at Casey banging the door down. I'm not sure the risk is worth it this time unless we can get a top 10 pick.
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