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  1. Salem can play anywhere. Maybe swapping with Viney.
  2. Quarterback, distributor, architect, whatever. We've had a few; Brett Lovett Travis Johnstone Adam yze The flash Now it's time for someone new, either toumpas or watts. It's the only position that really fits them. Watts most definetly.
  3. A quarter back is someone who sweeps behind the pack setting up forward thrusts
  4. 2018 Hogan - 101 Petrecca - 82
  5. The 3 midfielders a built like men, they are the real deal. JKH could have played all of 2014, these new recruits will put their hands up for rd1.
  6. Incredible result. FB: Jetta, Dunn, Howe Hb: Lumumba, Garland, Grimes C: Watts, Tyson, Vince Hf: Salem, Dawes, Toumpas Ff: Gawn, Hogan, JKH Fol: Jamar, Jones, Viney Int: Petrecca, Brayshaw, Neal-Bullen, Cross Emg: Pederson, Kent, McDonald, Garlett Inj: Trengove Developing: Frost, o.McDonald, Stretch, Spencer, Fitzpatrick, Hunt Happy happy days Demonlanders. No more holes in our list. A perfect balance of skill, hardness, flare, aggression, talls and smalls. 2015, it is on!
  7. Bang on about most things, including Clarke being a cat.
  8. We should always be aiming for finals, if we have a chance, then it's a given.
  9. And a 5 year deal to a guy who can't even string a sentence together without fumbling. Madness. The club deserves to go broke. bloody joke.
  10. Deja vu alright. Goodwin is an assistant coach. Not head man. Really, if you are going to select a middle weight intellectual, why not go Voss? Bailey was a mistake, Neeld a disaster Roos an interim And now, the uninspiring, morally tainted culture builder, Goodwin. FMD, when are we going to get it right? Boring, uninspiring, hastily made decision.
  11. I've been here for 37 years. I went there for 2 months. Nice place, good food, but it is only a distant relative. As far as I'm concerned, I'm indigenous to this land, I know no other land. This is my home and the greatest place on the planet. Many people think otherwise, and I think they should challenged.
  12. My parents where not born here. It makes me sick that certain relatives identify with a distant culture, rather than embracing this culture, refine it and make it better. I probably know better than most about the Greek mentality, an I can tell you, clinging to distant memories serves no purpose but separation and disdain. So, in conclusion, if Australia were invaded by a foreign nation, and certain citizens chose to fight for the aggressors based on a distant cultural heritage, is that acceptable? Where you lay your hat, should be your home.
  13. It takes enormous effort to teach a child who was born here that his real country of origin is in fact another place that he has never been. Just stating that nationalities that embrace this land as their nation of origin, tend to make good footballers. Other nationalities that live here but call another country home, tend to be very temperamental in character and no good footballers. Just do the math. I am generalising of course; Chinese Aussies tend to call themselves Chinese. Footballers 1. Israelis Aussies call themselves Israelis. Footballers 1. Greeks have produced very few good footballers compared to their immigration rates. If you are born here, Why cling to another nation? I don't understand. I'm not racist, I just hate patriots. Nothing to do with religion, or skin color, only the flag you drape over yourself while you born and bred in this country. When in Rome.......
  14. I've got another statement for you, 'The best Philosophy wins' Whether Roos 'free will' philosophy will reign supreme, is yet to be seen. But I think it is the premier philosophy.
  15. Actually, give me a life ban, this joint is stale. Too many yes men. For the record I said the following; No to bailey No to neeld Wines over toumpas You all shot me down. Ban me, please.
  16. Ok, to be born in this country and claim to be Greek, wreaks of separatism and elitism. It is a delusion that is not grounded in reality. Jimmy stynes can claim to be Irish, because he was born there, no problem. But people who are 1,2,3 & even forth generation Australian citizens, and still claim to be from another country, shows a sense of cultural arrogance, that they are better than us. Honestly, they believe they are better, many Isrealis have the same attitude. Funny that they don't make good team players. Very rare. Most ethnicities that immigrate to this land, embrace this land as their own. It is funny how these ethnicities tend to make good footballers in character, durability and numbers per capita. Immigrants from Malta, Croatia, Italy, Germany and Ireland for example, are good examples of peoples who come here and encourage their children to embrace this land and it's culture. Not true of Greeks in general. To be born here and say your from somewhere else. Wtf is that about? Separation, arrogance, elitism, Fear? I am not racist, I just can't stand Patriots, even Aussie Patriots. We are all human and no one is better than anyone else based on the land they come from. Those people that cling to their parents, grand parents or even great parents country of origin, and claim it as their own, separating themselves from their true origin of birth, tend to have weakness of character and do not make quality team players. The great thing about Melbourne is the multi-culturalism, there is very little patriotism. When you come to Melbourne, you are melbournian, not friggin Greek. End rant
  17. There is a saying, "patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel" Only when he embraces THIS land as his home and not Greece, will he ever even have a chance of being credible.
  18. The best clubs have the best philosophy. Long live roos. He believes in free will, competitively. We will rise again.
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