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  1. All those initials and numbers my (wine affected) head is spinning. Great meaningless post!
  2. Slug, and I don't mean any disrespect, was known as one of the greatest foulmouths of all time!
  3. I disagree with the central thesis of this thread that Neeld should be sacked. However, I would not agree with Green being in anyway presured to resign. The similarities with Junior Mac have been mentioned above. However, I recently had the opportunity to speak with Jarred Rivers, a delightful and frank man. He expressed very obvious discomfort about life after 30 for AFL footballers. The message is clear - if you sack a 30 year old, discension and fear may rise among the 27 - 29 year olds. Can we therefore blame players for abandoning ship to cash in , or make money while they can?
  4. I realize Tom Mac made a couple of bloopers today but don't be too hard on him. He is a massive talent and if he doesn't make a footballer for the MFC I'll eat my collar! There actually were positives today. Keep the faith.
  5. Me also! I left feeling upbeat and making a decision on Cloke. The number of times we had the ball in forward 50 and did nothing with it, caused me to imagine what it would be like with Clarke and Cloke there. A different result I suspect. And add to that the impact on players like Blease , Jurrah and Howe with those two brutes drawing defenders. Also could the Spencer knockers please give him at least a provisional apology.
  6. Well one thing is certain, the person to blame for this situation is Jack Watts.
  7. I guess my point is that we are basically talking shite about shite. What we as loyal, passionate, nut case supporters, really want is to be talking about how we are going to smash St. Kilda and how that will effect our standing in the finals! Maybe next year! Or, the year after that! You know what I mean.
  8. Yes there is. The other end is held be my wife. Don't worry he's a good bloke.
  9. Yeah we are RR. I spent some time in the "Castro" in SF. Purely a tourist you understand! But I learnt that you can really stir people up with such comments. Anyway, back to the point, it is an out of date Shite article, leave it buried.
  10. Very good Song. I'm just having a bit of fun. We are all on the same team team here.
  11. What the hell do mean by that? Please explain.
  12. I've got nothing against Neeld, give him a fair go. However, this is just another speculative, guessing, imagining, hoping, load of genaralised toss that journo's thrive on. Ignore it along with most of the other rubbish we are fed. It adds nothing to the MFC.
  13. I love watching Howe and just posted about him on another thread but ....best ever? I reckon Wayne Carey would have something to say about that.
  14. Just home. Plenty of booze and a win on the punt. Otherwise my highlights were- Howe's marking Tom McDonald (what a player he will be) Tapscott's muscle and finally, the silken skills of Jake Spencer.
  15. We certainly are "a different club to last year" - we are even worse.
  16. I also agree entirely. We have no consistent goalkickers so winning is difficult. However, for me, in anyway accepting defeat is anathema.
  17. We have had a bucketload of high draft picks over the last few years. Where is the "huge difference"?
  18. So in your "professional" capacity, do you coach teams to win, or do you take the badminton approach and deliberately knock a few into the net to gain some supposed advantage?
  19. I can't believe that we should, in anyway or for any purpose, accept defeat. We have been down that track before. It maybe that a win over the expansion clubs doesn't count for much but it's a hell of a lot better than a loss. Strong clubs play their guts out to win every time, regardless of who is on the paddock. We must build a culture of strength. Talking defeat, thinking defeat, not caring about defeat just enhances the poor culture we have. We as members must demand and expect 100%.
  20. I 've got $100.00 on the Dees tomorrow - so don't you guys even raise the prospect, woody or not, of a loss!
  21. Thanks Ben H , I just read this thread after a shitty day. It is intelligent and thoughful and has actually breathed new life into what was the corpse of my optimistic half.
  22. Take a worst case but not implausible situation. IE. The AFL decides to punish MFC in the same sort of way that Storm was punished by the NRL. We are stripped of draft picks. Where does that leave the coach of a team that is already p*** poor?
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