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    Brodie Grundy will be a Super Star!!!

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  1. That's why Ricky P is in the leadership group and Bartam isn't! Attitude, Respect & Culture! Ricky had none of those. Turn it up!
  2. Go Dee's! Only a hard man can make hard players! Keep it up Mark Neeld.
  3. I would be shattered if we delisted Joel MacDonald. He is tuff as nails! Should be in our best 22 and a solid contributir in the back half.
  4. If you watched any MFC games you don't need an explanation from MN. Morton was delistable.
  5. 95% of the team need too lift. Or else Jack Viney will make them look stupid! Trengove, Sylvia & Jamar need big years!
  6. Good get! I rate him. Just needs too stay on the park. A late draft pick allows us to still be active in PSD.
  7. I think he is in the same boat as Dawes. Didn't want to go interstate because of study! I maybe wrong! No fact.
  8. Martin for Ray! It will happen. Martin doesn't want to go interstate so I can't see the Lions in the picture.
  9. Cam Pederson will be really good for us. Get excited! He is the one I am most excited about! Can play almost anywhere & terrific size. Followed him closely in his first year as he even cracked my Supercoach team.
  10. I like Grundy! But would be very happy with Wines.
  11. Chris Dawes & pick 39 for Pick 20 & Ricky Petterd. Pick 39 to be used on Pederson. Stef Martin & Pick 45 for Farren Ray & Pick 34
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