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  1. That's why Ricky P is in the leadership group and Bartam isn't! Attitude, Respect & Culture! Ricky had none of those. Turn it up!
  2. Go Dee's! Only a hard man can make hard players! Keep it up Mark Neeld.
  3. I would be shattered if we delisted Joel MacDonald. He is tuff as nails! Should be in our best 22 and a solid contributir in the back half.
  4. If you watched any MFC games you don't need an explanation from MN. Morton was delistable.
  5. 95% of the team need too lift. Or else Jack Viney will make them look stupid! Trengove, Sylvia & Jamar need big years!
  6. Good get! I rate him. Just needs too stay on the park. A late draft pick allows us to still be active in PSD.
  7. I think he is in the same boat as Dawes. Didn't want to go interstate because of study! I maybe wrong! No fact.
  8. Martin for Ray! It will happen. Martin doesn't want to go interstate so I can't see the Lions in the picture.
  9. Cam Pederson will be really good for us. Get excited! He is the one I am most excited about! Can play almost anywhere & terrific size. Followed him closely in his first year as he even cracked my Supercoach team.
  10. I like Grundy! But would be very happy with Wines.
  11. Chris Dawes & pick 39 for Pick 20 & Ricky Petterd. Pick 39 to be used on Pederson. Stef Martin & Pick 45 for Farren Ray & Pick 34
  12. Jack Viney is a battle hardened double edge sword. Jack Viney will rip off your head and shove it up your arse! Jack Vineys opposition wear nappies during a game too avoid embarrassment! Jack Viney makes Jonathan Brown look like a [censored]! I love these! Keep them coming. Jack Viney tackles concrete trucks! Jack Viney is a real super hero! Batman, Superman, Captain America etc are just comics! Jack Viney makes the competition look like marshmallows! Jack Viney, Nathan Jones & Ollie Wines will be the 'Expendables'! One Jack Viney beats a 'Royal Flush'! Jack Viney would decapitate a Kings Army! Jack Viney sinks Battleships! Jack Viney drives a Tonka Truck! In Jack Vineys world there is no rehab! Jack Viney is another species! Jack Viney is a SUPERMODEL!!! Jack Viney uses chopsticks for toothpicks! I'm addicted! Jack Viney is addictive! Jack Viney told me I had a problem which can't be fixed! ack Viney told me too have a Kit Kat and take a break! Ok! Jack Viney. One more before I have my Kit Kat! Jack Viney built Rome in a day!
  13. I don't care what he has signed. Dawes only signed last season and is being moved on because it is in his best interest. Might be in Jamars best interest too if we believe Grundy will slip too pick 4 and we decide too take him. Martin & Spencer could be moved on if we keep Jamar. Jamar ain't that far from finished. So Grundy & Gawn would be our two rucks.
  14. I still want Grundy if he is there at Pick 4! Would be mad too pass on him. Trade out Jamar! Jamar too Collingwood or Geelong could suit. Still had some value. Pick 17 or 18 from Pies! It won't happen but I can only hope.
  15. I think Pederson & one of Dawes or Gumby would be a good get. I like Pederson. He is young and versatile. The only way we could lose with Gumbleton is if we pay overs for him. Trade a player or 3rd round pick I would think! Dawes is Pick 20 max!
  16. We should be looking at Josh Walker from Geelong.
  17. Pick 4 & 20 too Lions for Rich & Pick 8 would be ok.
  18. He looks a bit like Carmello on the X Factor! Sorry Dom.
  19. Jeff White was a spaz! Over rated big time! Could have been so much more at his size. Lazy! Always getting the easy ball.
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