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  1. "vaccine effectiveness estimates against symptomatic Omicron infection of between 0% and 20% after two doses, and between 55% and 80% after a booster dose." https://www.imperial.ac.uk/news/232698/omicron-largely-evades-immunity-from-past/ Only one study, but still. (agree about the shambles part.)
  2. Perhaps. In theory, we should be on the decline by then. Against that, from what we've seen Covid is also seasonal and peaks over the winter months, so perhaps we'll start to get a new wave building through autumn. What might help though is booster shots - I assume that a lot of players would be ready for boosters by the time the season starts. Boosters really seem to have an impact, at least in keeping symptoms down and shortening infection period.
  3. They are not flatlining, far from it. FJ just ignores facts when they don't fit his narrative (such as it is). (Graph below shows a 7-day rolling average, daily admissions figure is higher. And increasing.)
  4. Hmm. While figures are lower than the worst periods from last year, with these massive case numbers there are starting to be a LOT of people in hospital and, worryingly, intensive care. e.g. in France, nearly 70% of the total number of intensive care beds are taken up by Covid patients, increasing by over 400 per day. And only going to get worse.
  5. Meanwhile ... Premier League announces record 103 new positive Covid-19 cases Fifteen top-flight matches postponed after December outbreaks https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/dec/27/premier-league-announces-record-103-new-positive-covid-19-cases
  6. Unless I'm mistaken, it's determined by your internet speed (if in Auto mode), or limited by it if in manual mode.
  7. 10 players positive at the Swans. And so it starts. https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/teams/sydney-swans/afl-2021-at-least-10-sydney-swans-players-test-positive-for-covid19-after-prechristmas-boat-cruise-impact-on-training-news/news-story/0b23e19162e2ce86d50ec667aa23cfd0
  8. Suspect that either he or Thomlinson will take Hibberd's place, just needs to get some consistency and get his body right. Back-line runs deep, will be lots of pressure for spots. Speaks volumes that none of these guys asked for trades to other clubs where they'd be more likely to play every week.
  9. Also very handy for those of us in a different time zone. Only one 4 .a.m. start that I can see. (Though I accept, I'm not really a target market here, so I would have taken whatever came.)
  10. Lost 3 or 4 kg, running better (he says).
  11. There are a number of peer-reviewed studies around comparing immunity between vaxxed and infected.
  12. Yes, but as with elsewhere, in Germany there's a huge difference in incidence of Covid between regions. It goes from around 150 cases per 100K per day in the east and old East Germany, down to less than 10% of that in the North West. Would love to see an overlay of vaccination rates by region/Covid incidence, but haven't managed to find any recent maps.
  13. Exactly. Think think think. Can't be bothered with the rest.
  14. Yes, the Coetzee Telegraph interview. “What we have to worry about now is that when older, unvaccinated people are infected with the new variant, and if they are not vaccinated, we are going to see many people with a severe [form of the] disease,” she said." It seems that others there are even more concerned, e.g. "omicron’s speed in infecting young South Africans has alarmed health professionals." "Worried scientists in South Africa are scrambling to combat the lightning spread across the country of the new and highly transmissible omicron COVID-19 variant as the world grapples with its emergence." https://abcnews.go.com/Health/wireStory/covid-variant-threat-worldwide-scramble-81417682
  15. I'll just drop this Red Herring in here that has nothing to do with the point being discussed.
  16. Sure, but this seems to be based on taking a quote from the Chair of the South African Medical Association out of context: she was specifically referring to younger people with no underlying health conditions, and specifically warned that it could hit people who are older/at risk much harder.
  17. Yes, and I always find this one particularly idiotic. Whether it's through infection or vaccination, it's your body's immune system that provides immunity. The vaccine only "teaches" your immune system what to look for and is then rapidly broken down/destroyed (within days), leaving your body to do its thing.
  18. And no again: "People who are fully vaccinated against covid-19 are far less likely to infect others, despite the arrival of the delta variant, several studies show. The findings refute the idea, which has become common in some circles, that vaccines no longer do much to prevent the spread of the coronavirus." “... the data are super crystal-clear that the risk of transmission for a vaccinated individual is much, much lower than for an unvaccinated individual.” https://www.newscientist.com/article/2294250-how-much-less-likely-are-you-to-spread-covid-19-if-youre-vaccinated/
  19. No. Plenty of studies around like this one showing that "It's likely that for most people vaccination against COVID-19 will induce more effective and longer lasting immunity than that induced by natural infection with the virus." https://www.immunology.org/coronavirus/connect-coronavirus-public-engagement-resources/covid-immunity-natural-infection-vaccine (If on the other hand, you can dig out the x26 figure, now's the time.)
  20. I have a Belgian passport, so if that's the case I'm in trouble.
  21. Rate for most age groups is around 90%, higher in the over 65's. 12 -17 year olds are catching up, nearly 80%. But it's not uniform, and there are some areas with lower vax rates, and these are also the ones driving the cases. (funny how that works ...). These are also, incidentally, the areas where the right-wing National Front is strongest (funny how that works again ...). There had been protests when it first came in, especially around mandating vaccinations for health workers, but that died down fairly quickly. Once again though, this was (just) another reason to get out on the streets, and on the back of the Yellow Vest (gilet jaune) protests almost had a "what are we here for today again?" feel to it. But overall, and considering how grumpy and anti-authoritarian many French people are, it's at least tolerated without too much pushback. You also have to remember that we've had terrorist attacks here over the last few years, so people are kind of used to security and bag-checking going into shops, trains etc., and it's just one more check. The passport is basically a QR code on your phone, so it's fairly painless. I think the overall vibe is that people really appreciate being able to just do stuff - we had on/off lockdowns for nearly 15 months, and restaurants/cafes were closed from October to May, so there's a kind of willingness to comply given the alternatives. Also, more recently, seeing what's happening around us in Europe, people are appreciating that there isn't another lockdown here, or even (for the moment at least) a threat of one. Macron will walk in his reelection at this rate.
  22. Not all of Europe, touch wood.
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