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  1. Stand your ground . Im getting angry in my seat at my computer 350 ks away from the g on a monday night right now !! wish i was around you on fri night striker thats all i can say...
  2. i feel and hope for exactly the same as you , however i cant seem to shake the thought of the inevitable shakes of hands , hugs and hows the weather up there conversation as soon as the siren sounds . I just hope for f....s sake we are in front or i may go postal....
  3. Out with the sooks !! like it big time and if you here it shouted out at a game in the next three weeks when we are down it may well be me!!
  4. A balance between both is what we are all after . I bloody hope it happens soon ....
  5. not up to it and dont think he ever will be .
  6. Pretty much agree with that except id like to see martin come back in . Clark is clunking everything that comes near him down forward we dont want him rucking up the ground . Davey gotta go as well play sam blease for an extended period and see what he can do .
  7. Why has everyone gone cold on tappy ? seems a bit fickle to me . I reckon hell be a gun in 2 years .
  8. As allways the side looks ok on paper especially with Clark and chippa back, and we are def improving on our early efforts . The tigers took them to within 10 points and i reckon well give em a contest . Im a fan of Watts but hes efforts last sat night were not up to it . Was a spectator . Hoping Morton can give us another improved game as well .
  9. I literally dont know what to say at the moment . Im sick of getting kicked around . Can anyone see what the coach is trying to do ? ill stick with it and so should everyone but im just looking for something to show me there is light at the end of the tunnell . Supporting unconditionally is getting very hard .
  10. What about tapscott ? hoping to see him make the trip to wa ...
  11. They were his exact words in his live cross to steve quartermain .
  12. Channell tens roger oldrdge said "the original source was a senior indigenous player at melbourne who lied "
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