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  1. I don’t mind this tonight, sure, you can pick holes in our forward delivery, our kicking at goal, and the fact that the umpiring cooked us. But to be within a kick with 10 minutes left. And then We were on the wrong end for about 5 minutes. So we lost. This should give us something to work on leading into finals. Win 3/4 on the way home and we are guaranteed top 4. We can do that, based on tonight’s effort. All these people saying we’re no good, we’re still good team. Capable of winning a flag… let’s see how we go…
  2. Sitting in the stand today, you could tell in the first couple of minutes that we were off. Unsure around the ball and not running hard enough to cut off their outlet kicks.. We were lucky to only be 4 goals down at half time. The extra handball we kept giving was poor, and mixing it up in the midfield didn't stop us getting flogged in the middle. After half time, our running improved and our skills improved. North did drop off though, and we can't play like that against top 8 teams.. Kozzie live is amazing, and Fritta with his tail up is almost as good. I never watch us live on TV, and today wasn't enjoyable up until the last 5 minutes when I was confident we weren't going to throw it away.. nice to win at Bellerive, sick of losing there by under a kick..
  3. All this talk of "tough season" and "odds were against us" is just rubbish, every club has had it rough at some point this year, if not all year. We were flogged last night, and should've lost by more, in a game that dictated if we played finals or not. We shouldn't be happy with where we are on the ladder, and a coach that says, or even intimates that, should be sacked. Goodwin's comment after the game reflects that his aspirations are less than the supporters, or where the clubs should be. He seems happy that after setting the bar extremely low in 2019, that a few more wins translates to some level of contentment. Supporters can't be happy with that, and should rightfully be asking the club to explain how this season can be categorised as anything else but another dismal failure.
  4. For all the hand wringing and finger pointing, I'm just a bit flat. We were beaten by a better team today, one that plays a lot like us. Regroup for the saints. We need to win that game... we could afford to drop two on the run home. We've just dropped one.
  5. I hate the cats. But you play whats in front of you, we were poor in the first quarter especially, but to get within a kick, after 1 game in 3 months. I thought there was a bit to take out of it, yeah the season is shorter, but there is still a long way to go..
  6. I hope the pies do make it. Just so we can beat them in the first week of finals..
  7. Can't believe I got up at 5am to watch that tripe. Probably a good thing I'm in the States, where nobody cares about "footee". Although I will probably see a Richmond guernsey today.. I wish we showed more fight than that last quarter. That was horrible. The next 4 weeks will decide our fate for 2018. We need to (and should) win all four, but if we can't kick goals we can't win games. I think if we end up 4 and 5, we are toast. Our run home is tough. That said, we are one win behind where I thought we would be after 5 games.. But the way we've lost the last two can't be tolerated, and shouldn't be tolerated by supporters who have been through a lot of carp in the last decade..
  8. If you look up "much maligned" in the dictionary you see a picture of this guy. My two cents worth is I hope he stays, but will also be happy to see him leave and kick 30 odd as a 3rd tall/high half forward for any once else (probably except for the filth and the drug cheats), because I think that will be best for Jack, most of us hope/dream he can turn around another wasted season (by most measures) where is talent remains unfulfilled and next year he will take a game by the scruff of the neck and dominate like we've always hoped he would. But there are others that think that he's had plenty of chances, and burnt plenty of bridges. The reason why Jack is so polarising is because he epitomises MFC since he was drafted, not quite there, living off hope and potential, dreaming the best is yet to come. This period has also caused other fans to be bitter about mistakes made, draft picks missed and gameplans exposed. Jack has been the whipping boy for them as much as he has been the beacon of hope for others. I don't know what the right thing to do is, but I hope whatever happens, there isn't another thread like this next year, equally glass half empty, as it is glass half full.
  9. That hurt. Not a wasted season. But expectations were set high following great wins. Only to be completely shattered by shocking losses. Not much to do now but bemoan missed opportunities. I will say, nothing from the club at all. Nothing on twitter. What's with that? Surely they understand the pain we are all going through? Even a small acknowledgment of the season and a "thanks for your support" is warranted, surely?
  10. I know I'm late to the party, and I don't normally come on here and vent, but my God, that was probably the hardest loss I've had to get through for quite some time. I'll be hoping Eddie Betts kicks 10 tomorrow, and we know our fate by 3/4 time. A bigger part of me is pretty sure that the Weagles will show up and smash them, condemning us to the finish the season in Richmond, nobodies friend. Tonight I wish we were really [censored] again, winning two games a season, at least we were consistent, as opposed to this season, the theme song for this year should be Tuckers Daughter. Go Dees
  11. I love those ladder predictors, the teams up the top now always seem to go through the rest of the season undefeated and the teams on the bottom only manage one more win at home. That said, I had us in the top two as well, but the way this season has gone so far you might as well flip a coin 81 times...
  12. Wow. I hate the shitfish more than most. But a poor 3rd quarter is the reason we are going to be percentage out of the eight at the end of the round. For mine, the next 3 weeks will tell us if we are going to play finals. The tiges, the bummers and the dawks. Win those 3 and we will play finals. Win 2, and its 50-50. We've got a young list that's been talked up in in the JLT to fill space and time. I'm angry because i thought we should've won today. Same as last week. Calling for sacking this bloke and dropping that bloke is rubbish. It's done. Move on. Go Dees.
  13. Over 100 pages might indicate that some on here drink their own bathwater just a little. I think Howe for Kennedy and 2nd Round is fair, and sadly Jimmy for a third rounder is also fair. Toumpas never really stood up when he had the opportunity this year, particularly after his "breakout game" against the saints. If we were on the other side of this we would probably argue that pick 50 is too much to give. Howe plays inconsistent, yet highlight reel football and will no doubt be in the top 3 for MOTY again next year, and we will miss him when that hppens. Kennedy will bring more consistent football and hopefully will have a 30 goal season playing off half forward, and I think will exceed Howe's match output before we play the filth on QBD. This isn't the worlds best deal, but its not the worst either, we definitely didn't get poled, boned, skewered or bent over. Negotiating isn't just sitting in a room thumping your fist and shouting at the other bloke until he gives you want just to shut you up. I think we did the best with what we had, and it would seem we aren't done with trade week yet.
  14. good to see some people have written off the season after 60 minutes of football. calm the fark down. seriously.. its the whizz fizz cup in the cauldron that is North Ballarat.. I'm happy with a win, nobody getting hurt, there were some good performances out there today, and there are also a few things to work on.. you doomsayers better not watch us against the Essendon thirds next week, if we don't win by 15 goals, you'll be cutting up your membership cards!!
  15. Heard Roosy more than once talk about that we need a mature player. "Supporters want to see improvement now". Flys in the face of the notion of taking two picks to the draft. He's been banging on for ages about getting pick 3, he will trade it out for something... Probably keep pick 2???
  16. I didn't have much hope, but after about an hour on the twitters, some hope was revived. I really wanted Roosy to get in there tonight and hold up a selfie of him and Mitch Clark hugging it out, and then say Mitch had signed a 3 year deal on $100k a year because he didn't need the money after we paid him ~$100k a game in his career at the dees to date. And that Mitch was really looking forward to strapping on the boots etc etc..
  17. After watching Roos on 360 tonight, I have very little hope that Clark will be playing for the Dees next year. But, I don't think Roos is too upset by this, but did throw in that Mitch Clark is our best player. This conflicting information makes me think there is another layer to this that isn't obvious yet, and that Roos is starting to position the club to get the best compensation it can. Would it be possible that the club had an inkling that this was going to happen when it lodged its application for a priority pick? I remember Peter Jackson mentioned Clark when he was discussing the priority pick in the media.
  18. Might have been told during the game then, he as asked before the game by Healy and Danny Frawley, and he said that he didn't know about it...
  19. Seems to me after watching Roos tonight that he's a done deal, dancing around the edges of a negotiation that has been going on for a littlen while now. Talking about waiting for his wife to make the decision for him seems to be a delaying tactic as he / his agent get the final bits of the deal sorted out. The one thing that I thought was interesting was that roos said he met the leadership group, but made sure that Neil Craig new that he was doing it. But Neil Craig said before the game yesterday that he didn't know anything about Roos meeting the players. I'm sure it means nothing but if both those statements are true, it's an indication that there is a lot going on behind the scenes that we don't know about...
  20. What are the odds that when on the couch starts tonight, instead of Gerard Healy waxing lyrical about the goings on of the day, we cut straight to Paul Roo's, resplendent in a pink shirt, and he just says "No". this continues every week until the finals, or he smacks Mike Sheehan after Mike says "but thats what hirdy said" one time to many....
  21. The compensation seems a little light on, but reflects the value mfc attributed to both Rivers and Moloney. We can say how good they used to be for us, finished x in the b&f last year etc etc, but going forward, the football club has decided that neither of them were worth above market price to stay at the club, and the compensation we got reflects that, you don't receive value for past performance, otherwise the swans could trade Goodes at the end of next season for pick one in the draft... I would rather have seen rivers stay, but he hasn't, I can't make him come back, so we move on.
  22. I just got a comment on FB saying that the red headed left footer and Maric have both "joined" Warnock in asking for a trade outta demonland? Now Maric I can understand, but Bate? What has neeld told him?
  23. I'm a little perplexed by what appears to be Melbourne's inability, or lack of apetite, to sign players 30+. last week we see GWS grabbing James Mcdonald, Cornes of the Chad variety, and Dean Brogan, all wouldn't have a hope of staying on our list. purely because of their age, not ability. And today we see the cats, with how many players over 30? hopefully completing a "dynasty" by giving the pies a smack. We need experience, we need to keep Brad Green, sans capataincy probably, we've got rid of Bailey and his "building a group for the future" cr#p. He was just future proofing himself. We have to keep players with experience, and I think we need more of them. I am not one for the assumption that untried 17 y/o kids are going to solve our problems by 2016. Use our scully picks to get a couple of players with experience, make the finals next year and build confidence in the group we have now, not the group we'll have in 5 years time. Sorry, I went off on a tangent. Brad Green should get two years no captaincy.
  24. I find it hard to understand the notion that an "experienced" coach can just be picked up off the street like so many freo memberships right now. that coupled with the assumption that experienced = successful. Northey, experienced, Danners, experienced (and probably still available), Eade, experienced. Lots of coaching years in that trio, how many flags? I'm happy with Neeld, it seems to me (based on public knowledge as I don't talk to filth supporters or listen to Mick Malthouse, or know someone who's brother knows someone at the club)that Neeld knows what he is doing and can communicate to the playing group an ethos that has been lacking since the 90's. Anyway, what the hell can we do about it anyway? The club has chosen him, yet posters here will continue to right page upon page of meaningless dribble about how the dee's have failed again... Get behind the club, get behind mark neeld. and get behind the playing group (most importantly) and look at 2012 as the year that we finally turn potential into success....
  25. caro has called it (not the new fake caro on twitter either.. here
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