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  1. Yes, and the same price for a beanie. Must be just me.
  2. Happy with the new emblem. I like what they're trying to do. The new clothing is up on the website. Maybe I'm just a tight are, but are they taking the [censored]? There is a cap for $59 FFS.
  3. I think he may be out of contract. I would like to see us go after Sam Kerridge. Think he would be a good fit. Thoughts
  4. Viney was good. Howe was just behind Brayshaw in effectiveness.
  5. Cross was fantastic today. When he has the ball,you are confident that he will use it well. Massive respect for this bloke. Agree to have him go around again.
  6. Loved Brayshaw today. Can't wait till he plays entire games. He is going to be an absolute ripper. Loved Abletts assist to Garlands goal. And Tyson's goal in the second was a great team goal. Fist pumping all day, and lost my voice again. Go Dee's
  7. Jimmy Bartel for me. GAJ is amazing to watch as well. In the past I loved to watch Buddha Hocking, Darren Jarman and Brett Ratten. Hird also was a favourite. Very sad story James Hird. What a fall from greatness.
  8. The darts only had mid strength beer in plastic cups. In fact, charging $30 for 4 was probably the reason the riots started.
  9. Pies had over 73000 members last year. As much as we all hate them, we are all rather jealous of their massive supporter base.
  10. The atmosphere at the darts is incredible. If we can replicate that, then we are onto a winner. Not sure an announcer yelling "six" has the same ring to it than "one hundred and eigghhhttyy" But the dressing up of the fans could be done. I know we say in jest that more alcohol is probably not a good idea. But could you imagine if we had a big section of the crowd that dressed up, drank beer, sang and acted like yobo's. I think it's a winner.
  11. I still think that the Saints are a chance to take him. I am not sure which one I would take between him and Petracca. Glad we won't have to pick between them, and we win either way
  12. Totally agree. He is my boys favourite player, as well as my wife's, for another reason. Howe is one of the few things the club has which can attract new supporters. Which is why GWS would of wanted him. Plus he is a good player. I am very glad we still have him
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