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  1. He was probably just reading what everyone was saying out of his own personal interest. If he wants to comment on the selection then I'm sure he will. Try not to pester the bloke, otherwise he'll feel less compelled to come on and share his thoughts than he already does.
  2. On the assumption that Moloney out of contract and he has another poor year, I imagine he'd be given a one year contract at the end of 2007. He's a good enough player and has enough runs on the board to be allowed some leeway when it comes to injury and poor form.
  3. Nah, he's no chance dazzler. The club just likes wasting money on paying talentless kids to stock up the Sandy 2's.
  4. Joel Campbell and Mark Berts were both rookie listed, if I remember correctly, so they were a very low risk investment that didn't pay off. I imagine if Craig and his team didn't think he was a fair chance to make it, they would've used our rookie list spot on him.
  5. Welcome to 2005 Wrath. If Jamar spent on average any less than 50% time on the ground I'd be surprised.
  6. Jamar is probably the one who complements White better. An athletic, mobile ruckman and the lumbering giant who can take a grab.
  7. I think your wife needs to get her eyes checked, ML. I can't see the resemblance at all.
  8. Pretty youthful looking squad there. Our best is yet to come from the looks of it!
  9. Yep, have had this conversation with just about everyone I know who follows both sports. Jack, I reckon Ali Schneider can bowl better than Harmison.
  10. *shrug* You'd know better than I would.
  11. Interesting that Brock and Rivers seem to spend more time hanging out with the older blokes like Neitz and Robbo rather than with the "younger" crowd. Wonder why that is.
  12. I'm pretty sure Hannabal doesn't waste his time reading threads he knows will be rubbish. Wish I had the same strength of mind.
  13. Everyone should be able to change their name once every 30 days now. Anyway I've changed your name to Jane Doe. Yes, your login will still be Farmer Brown.
  14. I don't think we're rebuilding anymore at all. The recruitment of Pickett sent a pretty clear message that we thought we were close IMO.
  15. Woah. That'd be why. Sorry about that. Interesting that the software told me it was an illegal name, rather than telling me the name was taken. Hey Dreamin Demon (sans the apostrophe), maybe you could consider a different name?
  16. Nope, Finks is right there. I can actually change your login name to match, but for the sake of avoiding confusion I'll leave it as is. BTW the ' character is apparently illegal in names so I've left it out.
  17. Finks has given you a bum steer, that option's disabled at the moment. I'll enable it a bit later. In the mean time I can change your name for you. What would you like your new one to be?
  18. Agree Melon in that I'd be happy to see him picked as a taster. Given how vital our next few rounds are though, the chances of it happening are zip. I'd be earmarking him for a full pre-season cup (I can't even remember what it is called now) itinerary next year.
  19. I find the idea of retaining Smith preposterous personally. No other player other than Aaron Henneman has lasted as long as Smith has on a list without showing anything. If it came down to a choice between Smith and Newton I'd choose Newton without any hesitation whatsoever.
  20. Nasher


    E-mail on your way.
  21. Nasher


    No dramas. I reckon it'd be helpful if you left a "formerly goober 13" or something in your signature so people know who you are (unless of course you don't want people to know!) If you need any more help drop me a PM.
  22. BBP have you read any articles by the coodabeens? Your writing style sounds exactly like one of their writers. Great work! I had always thought Moorcroft was a handy player who was unlucky to lose his spot at Essendon. I only needed to watch him play once or twice to realise how wrong I was.
  23. Jeff Hilton anyone? Carter was one of the 8 Fitzroy players to go to Brisbane. Didn't last long there. And yes he plays for Bendigo now, I have a feeling he was the captain there at one point.
  24. Beams is the captain of the Devils in the VFL now. Very exciting player at that level, is probably amongst the best VFL listed players in the competition. Couldn't quite cut it at the top, seemed to make too many mistakes. Definitely playing at the right level now.
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