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  1. Soooo... Brisbane don't think they're better than us? Getting upset because another team has confidence is amusing.
  2. Ignoring our game and death-riding Freo, Collingwood and Port is the most intriguing game of the round, followed by Cats and Blues.
  3. Yeah, in first half Gus stood out for all the wrong reasons. He had a horrible passage of play early in the 2nd quarter where he missed Bowie by a meter or two by hand, fumbled the ball when it came back to him then kicked it out on the full, all under minimal pressure. Thankfully he turned it around bigtime after halftime. I think he plays his best footy across halfback too.
  4. I think we pick our battles really well and this is one I don't think we could have won. If we took it to the tribunal, he could have ended up with more than two weeks (the tribunal isn't bound by the MRO ratnkings and they hinted they could have very well rated Kozzies bump as Severe during the hearing last night). And given Goodwin has now publically said 3 times (March 2021/22/23) that he doesn't want his players bumping and advises them not to, Pickett effectively went against team rules. Very prudent decision to accept and move on.
  5. It's going on and on. Bring on tomorrow nights footy FFS!! https://www.afl.com.au/news/886962/crows-to-appeal-mcadam-ban-as-bump-debate-rolls-on
  6. 100%. Last week showed that it's our defensive team and structure that is so effective, not just individual players. Unless the oppisition somehow breaks it down, there will always be help coming.
  7. Here is some of the FoxFooty team discussing the Pressure Gauge and showing examples. As they say in Vietnam, "Same, same but different"
  8. There's a pressure number commentators like to mention during games (the one where the league average is 180). If it's the same one as this it's pretty much in real time which is quite extraodinary given how specific and subjective it is.
  9. We should have a MFC tent at all the hawks games, handing out free Trac and Oliver merch to all these poor, suffering Hawthorn kids. There's plenty of room on our bangwagon.
  10. I love how Taj needed clearance from the surgeon to sweat post-surgery 😂😂 6 weeks for a dislocated fingure is very stiff, especially after working himself into serious contention to make his debut.
  11. As long as it’s communicated really clearly all along, I think it can work too. In this instance, with 4 of our best players so close to coming back, it should have been made really clear that in all likelihood it wasn’t going to be a long stint in the seniors, but it was a great opportunity to experience it and contribute.
  12. Such a rapid improvement since last year’s VFL grand final, where out of all our untried youngsters at that point he would have been right down the list of most likely to make an impact at AFL less than 6 months later. Great spotting by many of the track watchers who quickly alerted DL that he had taken a giant leap forward into selection contention. Huge credit to him of course too. Rookie selections that turn into AFL standard players are like striking gold.
  13. Yeah, he would be a big out as he is one of their only players that can break through good defensive setups.
  14. In other words, Viney does what Libba failed to do.
  15. I agree with this ban and think it’s long overdue, but I’m curious as to whether he’s the first player to get suspended for a bump that caused zero (or at the very least, very minimal) harm?
  16. If they are all fully fit and risk free, that’s how I see it playing out. If Fritsch was a midfielder I think he’d need a run at VFL also given how long he’s missed but he should be ok given his role. Viney and May haven’t been out long at all and should be good to play seniors if fit. I like Salem coming back via the VFL but don’t actually know if there is a VFL of any sort to play him in??? Given how little we all know about the severity of May’s calf issue, I’m quite amused by all the armchair doctors making calls on how long he needs. The club knows how valuable he is and won’t risk him if he’s not ready.
  17. Thanks for this. Any recent knowledge of how Jeff White’s son is tracking?
  18. Kings wanted more for Buddy also, particularly because he has priors. Not sure if Cornes particularly referenced Buddy too much.
  19. Not sure why we would look to Tomlinson who hasn’t played or trained as a forward for 24-36 months now when we have JVR (who was close to being selected at the end of 2022) and Schache both fit.
  20. I thought he got tackled while still down picking the ball up.
  21. Salem and Fritta might be fit but because of the long lay off they might need to get match fit either through more match sim at training or game time at Casey. Hopefully Goodwin is in an info giving mood at the mid week presser. Or the weekly injury video from Dr Laura(?).
  22. What would be stopping them? Surely they have trained in that tall role all preseason and if they are both fit, they will chose whoever is in the best form.
  23. I saw that as well. My theory was that she is here for the VFLW season which kicks off very soon.
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