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  1. Hey Guys, Haven't been on for quite sometime but thought it might be a good time to come on and have a chat about Hibby. Hibby was larger than life. Not just in stature, but he had the personality and passion of no other. He loved this club. Hence why we got along so well. There were only two types of clothing Hibby owned. His work uniform, and Dees apparel. Thos who had the pleasure know that he loved a frothy, loved a dart and loved nothing more than chewing the fat over the Dees. I will miss him. He was one guy I always knew I would bump into at the game or on
  2. I just registered. Should have the team name of De-Mon-ey-Ball Gippy
  3. Man, I was getting so confused with what was going on on this thread... I'm guessing that the new sponsor isn't looking at apparel sponsorship because I'm sure MFC don't want to be changing jumpers/shorts the night before our first match. Gippy
  4. Hey guys, You may remember at the AGM that PJ mentioned that there was to be a new sponsor/ corporate partner that was to come on board sometime this month. Do we know when this is likely to happen (unless I've missed something) and who the new company may be? I'm always excited by these types announcements as more corporate support is always good news! Gippy
  5. At the end of the day, the only two players that are still with us that played in the Elimination Final in 2006 are Nathan Jones and Mark Jamar. That says it all I think... Gippy
  6. Lets be honest, if St Kilda can get and keep sponsors over the past 3 years, we shouldn't have a problem either... That's what I think.
  7. He's gotta use that desk for something I suppose...
  8. Thanks for the service Sugar. Not sure how much of an influence he had on the football department but can't blame the bloke for giving it a crack.
  9. So with the announcement of Simpson to West Coast's senior position our known options are: Leigh Tudor Stuart Dew Peter Sumich Brett Kirk Alan Richardson(?) What do we think?
  10. It would be rediculous if Sydney upheld their decision to make sure that Dew doesn't leave if we found him successful. The situation would be pretty icey up there if they did. Sydney wouldn't be investing well into their football department if they have an assistant who really doesn't have their heart in it. And Stuart Dew wouldn't have his eye on the game if he knew that in 12 months time he will be gauranteed a Senior coaching gig elsewhere. And News just in that Adam Simpson is now coach at West Coast means our options are now limited I guess. Who will the successor be?
  11. I have a headache after reading this... I need to lay down...
  12. Bump! Any news on a new sponsor? I haven't heard a thing in regards to this since Opel disbanded.
  13. Not really giving us some good options there... I almost 'donkey' voted until I noticed there was a 'none of the above' option...
  14. I suppose this puts another spin on the saying "trying to keep up with the Joneses"...
  15. Been there every year since the walk started and its usually a great occasion for the kids and supporters to mingle and enjoy the entertainment and such. Hope to see lots of fans there tomorrow! A spirited, energetic and hard effort by the boys would make it heaps better!
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