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  1. Any concerns about the junk time goals that we conceded just before half time and then the 3 goals we conceded at the end of the match. We probably cost ourselves a little bit of percentage.
  2. When is Kalani White's draft year?
  3. Fantastic interview with Kade Andy. We are very blessed to have such well spoken and well presented guys at our club. Helps that they can play too.
  4. A fantastic win on Saturday. I'm still buzzing. I wish I could have been there to witness some of those ferals in the crowd leaving in silence. Kudos to the 200 gamer Jack Viney. The guy bleeds red and blue and I nearly shed a tear when he burst through the 50 sidestepping a couple and banged through the goal. What a warrior.
  5. 6. Petracca 5. Fritsch 4. Neal-Bullen 3. Langdon 2. TMac 1. Gawn
  6. That’s the Bayley Fritsch we pay to see each week. Outbodying defenders, taking speccies and kicking sausage rolls. 5 goals brings his tally to 9 for the season. If he kicked straight last week he would be putting his hand up for a Coleman.
  7. Last week you had a discussion about whether Salem's midfield role would be impacted by the loss of Bowey and you were lamenting losing a sort of new found weapon in the middle that was needed with the loss of Gus and the uncertainty surrounding Oliver a few weeks back. Well yesterday we witness the glorious return of Clarry to the MCG and Salem attended the most centre bounces of all of our midfielders and Hore was an adequate replacement for Bowey. I'd call that a win. Thanks to Demonlander @deanox for the stats. As an addendum were you happy with Kozzy Pickett's 7 centre bounce attendances. Is this enough or do you want more?
  8. I was looking for the CBA stats. Which app did you get these on? I could not find anything on the AFL website.
  9. With Gus’ retirement and Salem’s change to the midfield how do you think we will cover the loss of Bowey if he is out for an extended period of time?
  10. Thanks for the help on the food and toilet situation at Gosch’s.
  11. I can now enjoy some other games this weekend.
  12. Are there any food outlets or toilet facilities at Gosch’s? Want to take the little guy to training and I just know he’ll want food and definitely need the bathroom. Also are some of the players available for a happy snap and autograph?
  13. I signed up the other week. Found the website through the podcast. Thank you.
  14. Devastated about the news of Gus' retirement last week. Champion player whose career has been tragically cut short. I hope the club can find a role for him. He will forever be a Premiership Demon. He simply can't replace his onfield leadership but how do you think we will cover the important role he played?
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