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  1. 6. Petracca 5. ANB 4. Viney 3. Fritsch 2. May 1. Brayshaw
  2. Thoughts on ANB’s game? Had 12 tackles today and has had a really underrated year IMO both offensively and defensively. So important to what we do and is one of the spiritual leaders
  3. Unbelievably proud of the boys- to come back the way we did in hostile territory with nothing to play for and with blokes going down left, right and centre was seriously impressive. Fingers crossed for Melk-it looks bad but am hoping this is like Stevie J in 2011. IIRC he was stretchered off with what looked like a certain ACL in the prelim and then got up to play a huge role in the Grand final. We can still have hope until the results of the scans come in. Hope we get a better result than we did with Petty a couple of weeks ago
  4. Love the pod guys-one of the highlights of the week for mine. My 2 points for this week that I would be interested to get your thoughts on: 1) Surely Melksham has cemented his spot for the rest of the season regardless of whether Fritsch, TMac or Grundy play again. He used to cop heat for putting on no defensive pressure and only being an offensive minded player who was ineffectual when the opposition had the ball but the roles he has played this year nullifying the oppositions intercept marker has been a great transformation in his game and important going forward for the team. 2) Tomlinson although having his colours lowered yesterday is also a lock for mine. Plays a sacrificial role and allows lever to do what he does best. On Brownlow night when Lever gets the 3 votes for yesterdays game he can thank Tomo for that.
  5. 6. Lever 5. Rivers 4. Melksham 3. Brayshaw 2. Langdon 1. Viney
  6. My question for you boys is about the make up of of our midfield. Obviously the theme of the year has been about our forward structures and rightly so but in regards to the midfield mix now that we have Oliver back I think that also needs to be looked at. There seems to be a narrative that Jj is about to lose his spot but that leaves a midfield of Petracca Oliver Viney Brayshaw and Sparrow. For mine JJ is a good point of difference and shows poise, class and generally makes good decisions. Also he had some games with high tackle numbers back in 2021 so if he can rediscover that part of his game I think I’m happy to have him in ahead of sparrow for now and we don’t lose much. Also concerned that Goodwin seemed to abandon the kozzie in the middle experiment on the weekend as well which was a great way to get him involved in the game. Would love to get some discussion on this
  7. I did mine today: Mcvee May Hibberd Rivers Lever Tomlinson Langdon viney Hunter Kozzie JVR ANB Fritsch TMac Melksham Gawn Oliver Petracca Brayshaw Spargo Jordon Salem Smith (sub) Sparrow, chandler, Grundy & Bowey are the notable outs here. Jordon gives us a POD over Sparrow, Chandler is behind both Melksham & Spargo who’s kicking I50 is important, Grundy is out for obvious reasons and finally there is only one spot for McVee and Bowey and Judd holds it for now.
  8. 6. Viney 5. May 4. Brayshaw 3. Petracca 2. Hunter 1. Lever
  9. 6. Viney 5. Hunter 4. Petracca 3. Gawn 2. Brayshaw 1. Kozzie apologies to nibbler and chandler
  10. That was obviously a hugely disappointing loss today. Every year when you reflect on your season and think of the losses that stung the most and come back to ultimately bite you that one is going to be right up there. Clearly we have an enormous amount of issues and the whole coaching staff need to take responsibility for our two glaring weaknesses which are yet to be fixed (firstly our dysfunctional forward line set up and secondly our inability to transition the ball from D50 to O50) However I have 2 important points to make ….. So many posters, supporters and media personalities always talk about our fantastic list and that we are a team with generational talent and we need to get another flag with this group to make this period a success etc etc. I personally think our list is overrated. We have 3 or 4 A graders and a handful of B+ and B graders which is all good and well but if you do your analysis most teams apart from those rebuilding also have that. Our role players are nowhere near good enough to win a flag and quite simply other sides bat deeper than we do. Second of all I think that most just assume that when a side wins a flag they are automatically the best side in it and will be the team to beat again the next year and will be a contender for the years to come. 2021 was a long time ago now and in a game that evolves every week if you don’t improve you get left behind pretty fast. Over the last 6 weeks I think it’s become pretty clear the rest of the comp has passed us by in many areas and we have stagnated badly. Let’s hope we get a big response against the Sainters next week
  11. Hard to know where to start after that: 1) Goodwin gets his first big ✅ for a match day coaching performance. Thought we really stifled moores influence and blocked their corridor run as well as pressured their questionable ball users across half back such as noble frampton Maynard etc. When you put pressure on Collingwood they make mistakes with their high risk, high reward game. 2) Jack Viney-take a bow champ. Willed us over the line for the umpteenth time. 3) We are a much better side with Tomlinson in there. Back 6 were absolutely phenomenal as well apart from Mays last 5 mins. Rivers and Salem gave us great drive from half back and used it well. 4) Joel smith added some energy and spark to the forward line and presented up the ground at times. Happy to continue with that experiment. 5) Hunter has been the find of the season for us. When we won the flag in 21 we had an attacking wing (Langdons wing) and a defensive wing (brayshaws wing) however we can now attack through both sides of the ground. 6) Loved seeing Mason Cox trying to start Trac after the siren. Would hope our players would never bring themselves down to that level
  12. 6. Viney 5. Salem 4. Rivers 3. Hunter 2. Fritsch 1. Tomlinson
  13. It’s ridiculous the way everyone (not just on DL but also the general footy world) is talking about collingwood atm. You would be forgiven for thinking they are a juggernaut coming off the last 3 flags….
  14. 6. May 5. trac 4. Hunter 3. Langdon 2. Rivers 1. Salem
  15. Trac 6.5 Brayshaw 5 Grundy 4 Langdon 3 Bowey 4 salem 3 neal Bullen 2 sparrow 4 viney 3 gawn 3 Spargo 2 harmes 1 rivers 4 Fritsch 4 Hibberd 5 Pickett 4 Mcvee 2 may 4 JVR 3 Lever 1 Chandler 1 mcdonald 1 jordon (not fair to score)
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