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  1. Fantastic win. I think that Weideman did not do enough to justify keeping BB out. ( unless there is an off-field issue) We are in a position to win the GF and we should not chose development of a player who has not produced that much over a proven goal kicker. Other change: send a smaller percentage of inside 50 kicks into the pocket. Wasn’t so bad this week but in generally we kick to the pocket, where it is much more difficult to kick goals. We should consider the chance of scoring from the entry in addition to the chance of getting the mark.
  2. I think that West Coast is going to lose but in case they win I just want to issue a minor correction to some previous posts. melbournes percentage is approximately 1.0522 so the required score for WC is: WC = 16.28+1.0522 x Adelaide's score examples ( Adelaide first) 50 69 75 96 100 122 115 148 let's hope it does not come down to this!
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