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  1. Do they actually review umpire's performance? And comeon, you can see the Carlton player only has eyes for the footy 😁
  2. Totally agree. I'm a firm believer that Mick Stinnear should be heavily involved with the blokes as well. The culture he's built with our women's team is sensational
  3. Loved those photos on insta of you and the girls WCW. Exciting (too short) season ahead. Link to the Livestream would be cool if anyone sees it buried on the AFL site.
  4. I thought they kicked a goal. Yes you would when you didn't touch it.
  5. And yet the AFL "reviewed the process" and cleared it. Thanks for explaining the proper approach @Demon17
  6. I think It goes a little somethin like this....
  7. Yes, it appears to be pointing towards the fence 😁
  8. Against my better judgement, I watched the last quarter. We played out of our skins to grab this match. To those that say that umpires don't influence results. We dominated the last quarter after our first few minutes of lapsing. Probably seen through an MFC lense but.... 18:30 - Bowey takes a clean mark centre wing coming down with one arm held by his opponent - Free kick Carlton. 17:50 - Clear push in the back by Cripps on Brayshaw - no free 13:15 - Clear Throw by Carlton player while being tackled - no free 12:40 - Carlton player jumps on Sparrows back - no free 12:21 - Rivers gets a free for obvious dangerous tackle which wasn't going to be paid by the closest ump - Ump further away pays the free- Rivers kicks to Snith who marks and goals - Fantastic 11:10 - Salem clearly held off contest. 09:40 - ANB just misses snap at goal. 09:22 - Melksham slips over in vital one on one contest in goal square. Carlton clears. 08:16 - Dow get's caught with one arm free and flops forward to pull a push in the back - Free kick Carlton (after umps miss two to us earlier in the qtr) 07:20 - The most ridiculous set of Carlton players being tackled by us eventuating in Cripps just dropping the ball - No Free! Just ridiculous. 7:00 - Brayshaw tackled around the head by Cripps - no free play on. 5:56 - Martin pulls a soft Push in the back in their forward 50 for a shot on goal as McVee bumps him in a one on one contest 50/50 decision I reckon - Free kick Carlton 4:13 - Incredible defence by the Dess for the next 2 minutes culminating in Viney being piled on in the back by 3 Carlton players - No Free 4:00 - Gawns arm held again in last 3 ruck contests. 3:00 - Great defence again from Hibbo, Lever and a long pass to a gut running Sparrow 2:43 - Sparrow get's it forward and we should have goaled from this passage as Grundy well clear forward and deep, instead it's back to JVR by the boundary and his legs are taken out 50m from goal - No Free 2:15 - McVee great kick to Salem who should have goaled. 1:43 - Deliberate OOB to us on the wing - Free kick Melbourne 1:40 - Melksham slips again - should have worn steel studs illegally like Cripps did Milkshake. 1:17 - Carlton player is caught red hot and just flops forward trying to milk a PIB - No free 1:08 - Langdon caught - lucky no to be HTB - No Free 00:48 - Petracca scores a goal and gets a point. 00:25 - Deliberate OOB - Free kick Melbourne. 00:20 - Gawn blocked from running to the marking contest and then scragged in the marking contest - play on 00:00 - Carlton steals 4 points. It was actually good to watch again, we really dominated most of the last, just didn't finish. But yeah, the inconsistencies and when the soft free kicks allow a shot on goal can ruin a great game of footy. HTB and incorrect disposal no longer makes any sense. Players are deliberately flopping forward to try and pull frees for PIB while at other times, players get sat on and get nothing. Max and Clarry can be scragged all game yet Bowey's opponent get's the softest free for holding in a one on one. JVR can have his legs taken out and it's called corageous by the commentators. The review system is a joke. How does the AFL just announce it's cleared itself again and again?
  9. Pretty sure Kate Roffey was in with the DA in the last quarter. Right near that touched / not touched goal. She's articulate and has the media presence to raise the umpiring debacle of Saturday. We weren't the better team for most of the night but we deserved to win if you watch the ridiculous umpiring throughout the last when we were charging at them. And she doesn't need to grow anything. She's awesome as she is!
  10. Yeah, I'm angry. Such a lost opportunity. The lions fall over the line by a goal and we get ripped off. Sometimes the better team loses the game. That should have been Carlton tonight. Clear free kicks to us in the last 5 minutes ignored. A ridiculous goal line review. Sometimes good teams win when they haven't played their best. That should have been us. I really detest the AFL.
  11. Salem's kicking has been off for quite a few weeks.
  12. Robbed. We didn't play our best and were beaten around the clearance. Carlton players running hard to be everywhere. But.... We Gave it everything. Very proud of our players for their effort. .We had players tripped. Last goal to Carlton for a push in the back was followed by numerous Melbourne's players just driven face first into the turf. We didn't get a HTB all night did we? That was not touched. The video review 2001 Dick Smith webcam systems are farcical. rooouted.
  13. Time for fitness to show up for us and run over the top of them.
  14. They get the rub of the umps and the Carlton fans still sounded like drunk cows with their booing when we get the odd free.
  15. Great stuff Sparrow. Chandler is intense
  16. Feel very Carltonish now with the umps
  17. It's a beautiful 24C day here in the northern Rivers. Benn to the beach, swimming, bbq, beers, Nana nap and then home cooked fish and chips watching the soccer before our game. Totally there with you @ryand. After so many years of just hoping for results to go our way to maybe sneak into the 8, we're at the top of the hill. It just makes spring time even more wonderful. Biggest worry for me is Petraccas set shots. He started to get a bit wobbly last week again. Hope he just goes back and nails some drop punts. Can't wait to watch the Sherrin shoveler back in action. Dees move into fourth gear tonight.
  18. Watched most of the Cats and Pies game with the volume off last night. Dropping the ball and throws are pretty much legal tender in this game now. You can drop it, but try to get a toe to it and miss when being tackled and you're pinged. AFL is a strange game at times. Hope we stamp our authority on the competition tonight. I want to be at the G watching us pound the pies into oblivion late September. I want to see us win a flag in the flesh. Go Matilda's, Go Dees
  19. Where lowest supporters are just the beginning
  20. Probably hasn't been expressed enough but I'm really feeling for Harry. He works incredibly hard at both ends of the ground and this would be really frustrating for him right now.
  21. We'll be at "hugs only" tackles soon. Totally understand why they'd want to limit that though.
  22. Why not even look at an administrator from one of the more grass root leagues that are flourishing? You know,looking after the fans and growing the junior player base, growing the game and helping clubs to stand on their own two feet etc etc....... I'll see myself out
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