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  1. It's been a long time since I've been on D'land and I think the time away has done me good. If you are not proud of the team for their effort last night under the circumstances you have rocks in your head. This is the young talented Demons team we have been pretending to have for the last decade. We are not going to win the flag this year, and I dare say we may not make the finals because we will be missing our most important player for a long stretch of the season. However, we are developing a harder edge and consistent effort that will allow us to compete every week, no matter who we are playing, and I personally find this extremely encouraging. On a side note, Oliver is the best inside mid I've seen in the Red and Blue.
  2. I've noticed the Cricket World Cup and now AFL are borrowing some game day stuff from the NBA - good idea, the way they (USA) do sports for attendees makes ours looks pretty amateur in comparison.
  3. Hi guys, is there any way to watch the replay (for free) on the AFL.com.au site? I remember you could last year, however it looks like they've put pay walls up on everything like the NBA. Cheers GL
  4. I'm so angry I better not say what I really want to. The Yin to Robbie Flower's Yang. Mitch - you are the personification of everything wrong with the entire AFL.
  5. Jack is a first round draft pick and 25 years old. I would expect him to be delivering more than he currently is. Lacks polish. I hope he has a big 2015 because as someone mentioned he is a barometer.
  6. He will not be at Melbourne next year. Don't blame him one bit.
  7. We didn't play very well and we deserved to lose. Not much else to say.
  8. 4x Hawthorn premiership player 1986, 1988, 1989, 1991 4x Peter Crimmins Medal 1988, 1989, 1992, 1993 3x Coleman Medal 1988, 1989, 1992 12x Hawthorn leading goalkicker 1986–1996, 1998 Leigh Matthews Trophy 1992 Hawthorn captain 1995–1998 2x All-Australian team 1992, 1994 Australian Football Hall of Fame inductee 2002 Hawthorn Team of the Century (forward pocket) Only 188cm, 1254 goals, lightning quick, very accurate kick. One of the best players of all time, and the best current media personality. I've got a great deal of simian love.
  9. Ha! I did the exact same thing. Without the Like button, all my cheap gags are worthless.
  10. It's almost as if people were submitting opinions to an online forum!
  11. From everything I've read I will be very surprised if Coll DO NOT take Freeman.
  12. I will be absolutely gobsmacked if Jones isn't named Captain in 2014.
  13. Well Lucas Cook just gave up footy altogether but us supporters get over these things.
  14. There's a joke that springs to mind about Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory and an oompa loompa . . .
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