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HEAVEN OR HELL by The Oracle

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Clashes between Melbourne and St Kilda are often described as battles between the forces of heaven and hell. However, based on recent performances, it’s hard to get excited about the forthcoming match between these two sides. It would be fair to say that, at the moment, both of these teams are in the doldrums.

The Demons have become the competition’s slow starters while the Saints are not only slow to begin, they’re not doing much of a job finishing off their games either. About the only thing about their games that creates any interest these days is the post game conference from Saints’ coach Ross Lyon. That’s because he talks so much gibberish, that it provokes a great amount of debate and discussion as to the meaning of his words but not their content.

At least with Simon Goodwin, we know what he’s saying which is what his expectations are from his team which, for various reasons are not currently being achieved. 

Which is exactly why I am tipping the Demons to win this week. They at least retain a clarity of purpose and belief in themselves and this is what should get them across the line in what promises to be the most dull, colourless and boring game of the round. 

It’s a game that’s been perfectly placed in a Sunday afternoon time slot where the AFL bosses will be hoping that nobody notices. 

Melbourne fans can be thankful that some of its stalwarts from the rapidly fading memory of the glories of the 2021 flag are still around pouring their hearts and souls into the game - the likes of big hearted ruckman Max Gawn and his deputy Jack Viney, Christian Petracca, Steven May and Alex Neal-Bullen. Many of the others are content to provide cameos of their ability during matches but little else. 

As it’s still part of the Doug Nicholls round, I’m expecting big things from Kozzy Pickett and Shane McAdam in honour of that recognition along with Maysie who will have the job on the Saints’ King, who their fans say has been due for a big game all season.

If Narrm can get its turnover game going instead of fluffing every opportunity it had to do so, it will come out of the game a winner and restore the team’s prospects for 2024.

Narrm by 15 points. 


St Kilda v Melbourne at The MCG on Sunday 26 May 2024 at 4.20pm


Overall Melbourne 125 wins St Kilda 94 wins 1 drawn 

At The MCG Melbourne 60 wins St Kilda 37 wins

Past five meetings Melbourne 4 wins St Kilda 1 win

The Coaches Goodwin 1 win Lyon 0 wins 


Melbourne 12.7.79 defeated St Kilda 8.10.58 at The MCG, Round 17, 2023

The Demons came out and kicked five goals in the first term which gave them a reasonably comfortable buffer for the rest of the game. Christian Petracca was a menace when up forward kicking four goals. Ed Langdon and Steven May were best players for the Demons.



B J. Bowey, S. May, T. Rivers
HB J. McVee, T. McDonald, C. Salem 
C E. Langdon, C. Oliver, C. Windsor
HF A. Neal-Bullen, H. Petty, K. Pickett 
F K. Chandler, B. Fritsch, S. McAdam 
FOLL M. Gawn, J. Viney, C. Petracca 
I/C L. Hunter, T. Sparrow, A. Tomlinson, J. Van Rooyen, T. Woewodin 
EMG J. Billings, T. Fullarton, B. Howes

IN L. Hunter, E. Langdon, A. Tomlinson, J. van Rooyen

OUT J. Billings (omitted), B. Brown (omitted), B. Howes (omitted), J. Lever (knee)


B J. Battle, D. Howard, C. Wilkie
HB J. Webster, L. Stocker, N. Wanganeen-Milera
C S. Ross, J. Sinclair, M. Wood
HF D. Wilson, B. Hill, L. Henry
F J. Higgins, M. King, A. Caminiti FOLL R. Marshall, J. Steele, M. Windhager
I/C R. Bonner, L. Collard, P. Dow, M. Owens, C. Sharman
EMG R. Byrnes, Z. Jones, B. Paton

IN J. Higgins, S. Ross, L. Stocker

OUT Z. Jones (omitted), B. Paton (omitted), M. Phillipou (omitted)

Injury List: Round 11

Jake Bowey — ankle / Test
Jacob van Rooyen — concussion / Test
Daniel Turner — calf / 2 - 3 weeks 
Charlie Spargo — Achilles / 2 - 3 weeks 
Marty Hore  — calf / 3 - 5 weeks 
Jake Lever — knee / 4 - 6 weeks 
Jake Melksham  — knee / 4 - 6 weeks 
Josh Schache — Achilles/ 4 - 6 weeks


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